Here comes the snOMG

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The Carrboro Citizen warns us ice is coming, and you can follow the very amusing, weather-induced mass hysteria at Twitter via the snOMG hashtag (dynamically displayed below).

Have you stocked up on bread and toilet paper yet?



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Snow in NC

I moved down here about 18 months ago from upstate New York.  I've found that the most dangerous part about getting around in the snow down here isn't the weather itself, which is never more than a little dusting.  Not hard to drive in at all.

No, the problem is all the idiots surrounding me on the road.  It's like people just decide to abandon any semblence of logic once it snows.  Force is equal to mass times acceleration, people.  Frictional forces are reduced when the road is slick, meaning smaller accelerations (speeding up, slowing down, or turning) will cause slippage.  Accelerate, decelerate, and turn more slowly, and you don't slip.  Not that hard.

But no, people choose to slam on their brakes and throw their steering wheels around like recently decapitated chickens.