OWASA Board Meeting


Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 7:00pm


Chapel Hill Town Hall, 405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Chapel Hill

See full agenda at http://owasa.org/client_resources/about/agendas/2013/01%2024%202013%20agenda%20for%20web.pdf


1. Announcements by the Chair

Any Board member who knows of a conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest with respect to any item on the agenda tonight is asked to disclose the same at this time.

2. Announcements by Board Members

Update on the January 24, 2013 Finance Committee Meeting (John Young) 

3. Announcements by Staff

Petitions and Requests

1. Public

2. Board 

3. Staff 



1. Approval of the Minutes of  the December 13, 2012 Meeting of the Board of Directors (Andrea Orbich)


Discussion and Action

2. Discussion of a Potential Policy on Public Comments in Board Meetings (Alan Rimer)Discussion

3. Marketing Plan for Taste of Hope Customer Assistance Program (Greg Feller)

4. Discussion of the Rate Study and Recommendations (John Young/Stephen Winters)

5. Review of Drafts of the Budget Planning Documents; Summary of Strategic Issues, Planning Assumptions, and Background Information; Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Calendar  (Stephen Winters)Information and Reports 

6. Financial Report for the Six Month Period Ended December 31, 2012 (Stephen Winters)

7. OWASA's Approach to Projecting Water Demands (Ruth Rouse)Summary of Board Meeting Action Items

8. Executive Director will summarize the key action items from the Board meeting and note significant items for discussion and/or action expected at the next Board meeting.  


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This Week in Orange Politics

It'll be a busy week across Orange County this week. The Carrboro Alderfolks will discuss bicycle-friendliness and the Lloyd Farm propery mediation process, while the Chapel Hill Town Council will get an update on UNC-related development. Both school boards will review the student performance data recently released by the state, while the Hillsborough Town Board will get an update on the Colonial Inn. The county commmissioners will meet with the Mebane City Council on public transportation and the Buckhorn EDD, and will get an update on Southern Branch Library in a serperate meeting.

CHALT and the Sierra Club/Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce/WCHL will hold candidate forums for Chapel Hill candidates.

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