Forum Open Thread: Chapel Hill Town Council

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Welcome to the open thread for tonight's Chapel Hill Town Council candidate forum. There are nine candidates for four seats:

  • George Cianciolo
  • Sally Greene
  • Ed Harrison
  • Gary Kahn
  • Loren Hintz
  • Paul Neebe
  • Maria Palmer
  • Amy Ryan
  • DC Swinton

You can observe the forum at

We hope you'll use this open thread to post your thoughts and reactions. Also, if you want to propose additional discussion topics, you can reach the editors during the forum via Twitter, Facebook, or the contact page. The forum moderator will have final say in question selection.


Total votes: 22


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The question I would like to ask everyone is this: Part of leadership is knowing when to speak out even though people won’t like what you have to say, and part of it is knowing when to stop talking and listen for a while. How do you know when to do which one?