Graig Meyer selected to fill House District 50 seat

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The House District 50 selection committee selected Graig Meyer to replace now-Senator Valerie Foushee as the representative for House District 50 tonight. Meyer was selected by a unanimous vote of the committee on the second ballot.

Interestingly, the committee split its votes five ways on the first round of balloting between Danielle Adams, Laurin Easthom, Meyer, Drew Nelson, and Bernadette Pelissier. Candidates Tommy McNeil and Travis Phelps received no votes. The breakdown of each committee member's votes on the first round can be seen in the table below.

It's rather interesting to me to see how the internal politics of a Democratic Party-based committee such as this one plays out, as you can see from this first round of voting.

Congratulations to Graig, and good luck in Raleigh!



Total votes: 11

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met Graig

I as a CHTC candidate met Graig this past Wed at the Joint meeting of the CHCSS and gave him good luck before receiving this appointment. We are  both hoping to work together this coming year. Gary Kahn