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 It appears that as far as I can see on the political scene that there is a civil war here in orange county between liberal democrats and  conservative republicans. Where are the moderates of both parties.  Which of the current candidates of either party declare that he or she is a moderate liberal democrat or moderate conservative republican . Perhaps I might  declare I"M  a moderate liberal republican.  Gary Kahn
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Safer Schools in Our County

Sending our children to public schools should not be something that causes a parent to get nervous.  I have a child of my own in Orange County public schools, so I know how it can feel.  The fact that so many fear for their child’s safety at school is unfortunate.  The good news is that there is something that we can do about it. 

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AP courses and minority enrollment



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What Is A Liberal Republican

The Orange County Republican Party defines it self as its 2 favorite presidents are Abe Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. At a recent party meeting this issue came up, and I said openly to this group my favorite Republican Presidents were Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt. There  response was  it makes sense a Republican from Chapel Hill would think that.  I said my third favorite was President Eisenhower. Gary   Kahn
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CHCCS votes to expand Mandarin Dual Language



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Open Office Hours with Mia Burroughs and Lee Storrow

01/13/2014 - 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Joe Van Gogh Coffee 1129 AD Weaver Dairy Road Chapel Hill, NC 27514
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"Focused Dialog" about Glenwood/Carrboro Elementary programs

12/02/2013 - 6:00pm
East Chapel Hill High School

Just got the following somewhat cryptic press release from the CHCCSS. As usualy I had to download an open a Word doucment and get more than halfway through it before I could even figure out what the topic is ("Enrollment Levels at Glenwood Elementary School").To learn more about this issue, see the recent Indy story: Redistricting Rankling Carrboro Parents.

I can theoretically understand the value of this type of  meeting, but it's hard not to feel like the schools would prefer that most of us are seen and not heard.


Focused Dialogue

6:00 p.m. - Monday, December 2 - East Chapel Hill High


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CHHS Principal Unfamiliar with the Definition of Plagiarism

I was pretty surprised to read in the Independent that the new principal at Chapel Hill High has been copying large passages of text by other people and passing them off as her own memos, letter, and policies. What really shocked me, though was her indignant response:

"I'm not under the impression that I can't use that," [Sulura] Jackson said. "This is not anything that I'm selling. This is not anything that I'm using for personal gain."  

She is presumably being paid for serving as the pricipal, but she's trying to say that if she's not being graded, it shouldn't matter. Is this what we're teaching high schoolers?

And I was also disappointed, but not terribly surprised, to see this incredible response from the school system's rep:

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New Teacher Rules

The North Carolina Association of Educators just sent out a fact sheet about the NC legislature's action against teachers removing career status. Not only did they eliminate career status but they are eliminating due process to appeal decisions about the new evaluation instrument, length of contract, dismisal and bonus. I'm glad that I retired from teaching this year. It looks like the new rules will really mess up schools in North Carolina. One interesting suggestion is the idea that local school boards can create due process rules and better contracts. I hope CHCCS will do that. Loren

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