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Do you think the Chapel Hill Town Council should lower restrictions on food trucks?

Last week:

Council members told staff Wednesday to come back in about a month with plans to reduce fees and allow incremental payments.

Matthew Sullivan, the town’s police legal adviser, said food trucks now operate under zoning and town code rules. But a November report found vendors think the $750-plus cost is prohibitive.

- http://www.chapelhillnews.com/2013/04/12/75857/chapel-hill-mulls-lower-f...

Yes - we want more food trucks.
74% (17 votes)
No - it's fine as is.
4% (1 vote)
Mixed or not sure.
22% (5 votes)
Total votes: 23
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Are you looking forward to using the expanded Chapel Hill Public Library?

Yes, the new facilities will be great.
35% (9 votes)
No, the Mall was more convenient.
31% (8 votes)
No, I don't live near Chapel Hill.
0% (0 votes)
Mixed feelings.
35% (9 votes)
Total votes: 26
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What do YOU love about Orange County?

OP tag cloud t-shirt demo

After last week's heartbreaking vote on Amendment One, I noticed a lot of my friends on Facebook talking about how proud we were to live in the county that voted it down by the very biggest margin. I got the idea to make a shirt to show off our Orange County pride. Hopefully if there's enough interest, the shirts made locally at some place like The Merch.

I'd love for you to help, readers, by listing some the things you love the most about Orange County.  If you don't see your favorite things, please add them by checking write-in! The ideas will be put together in a word cloud that shows our values.

Pictured at left is a demonstration of how this could look.  

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What do you think of Chapel Hill Transit's new bus wraps?

New Chapel Hill Transit bus wraps, click to enlarge

This week we've seen the first advertising-wrapped buses from Chapel Hill Transit. They are expected to raise about $350,000 a year for the town if the program succeeds, which would be a big help toward keeping the buses fare free. But many people are taken aback to see a big bank, given the political climate right now, and others just don't like how they look. What do you think?

Cast your vote (register/login first) to see the results.

Dislike everything about it
23% (10 votes)
I might be OK with wraps, but not this one
21% (9 votes)
It's not that bad
40% (17 votes)
I like it
16% (7 votes)
Total votes: 43
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Choosing the next DTH Editor

As you may know, the student-run newspaper at UNC has a unique process for selecting its editor each year. When I was an undergrad, the entire campus voted. While this may have led to more representative or popular leaders, some were concerned it didn't lead to very qualified leaders. So now The Daily Tar Heel empanels a secret board (so that members aren't lobbied) who will meet this weekend to vote on the applications, which themselves are public.

Anyway, since the DTH has more reporters covering Orange County on a daily basis than other local paper, I reckon we ought to concern ourselves with who gets picked.  This year there are four candidates and there is a platform statement and an article about each candidate at http://www.dailytarheel.com/index.php/section/editor_selection_2011

Which one do you like best? 

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Should the library move to the mall?

Leaving aside the issue of whether you think the Town Council actually will move the library (which I highly doubt, but feel free to discuss in the comments), what do you think the town actually should do?

For background on the proposal, see Brian's post from last November.

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Something's got to go

For better or worse, Orange County voters have rejected two different proposals for raising more money for county government. And yet, I don't hear anyone seriously calling for shutting down any of the vital services offered by the county. They're going to have to find some slack somewhere, so perhaps we can help.

Please vote for your top three recommendations for how to balance the county budget.  If you don't see your preference, just write-in an option and it will be added to the poll.

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Should Chapel Hill soften food truck regs?

We're surrounded by thriving mobile food scenes (taco & crepe trucks in Carrboro, everything from burgers to Korean BBQ trucks in Durham) and yet we very little mobile food to speak of here in Chapel Hill. According to Lex Alexander, this is due to overly strict Town regulations, so he recently petitioned (PDF) the Town Council to make it easier for food trucks to operate (his petition doesn't specify how).

The town requires merchants who sell food to be properly licensed and places restrictions on selling food in a public right-of-way. Setting up a food truck on private property also adds hurdles.

Food truck applications are looked at on a case-by-case basis. The town has allowed some mobile eateries: the hotdog cart outside of Lowe's, and The Barbeque Joint Mobile catering, said Catherine Lazorko, public information officer for Chapel Hill.

- ChapelHillNews.com: Merchant pushes for food trucks, 9/15/10 

Do you think the town should ease restrictions on food trucks?

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Increase County sales tax?

Orange County is well known as a place that values education and put our money where our mouth is. The County Commissioners have worked hard this year to hold the line on taxes and pending, but progress demands, well, progress. Advocates for the schools are clearly in support of a tax increase.

So having tried to pass a real estate transfer tax, and in the face of a slightly-more-rabid-than usual anti-tax crowd, the Commissioners are now considering a sales tax.

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Homeless shelter relocation

It's being discussed to death this week and we have a lot of background on it here, what do you think of the proposed relocation of the shelter to the corner of Homestead Road and Martin Luther King Blvd?

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