Election day open thread and poll

It's OP's annual Election Day Open thread to report back what you're seeing and share any other election-related thoughts. We didn't have a Pundit of the Year contest this time, but I'm still curious to hear your predictions. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours...

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I covered the 6:30 to 8:30 am shift for the Orange County Dems. Tish Galu was there for Pam Hemminger and Mark Marcoplos joined us to represent Penny Rich and Mark Dorosin. I went in to vote at 7:00 am and was number 19. There was a slow but constant procession of voters coming in during my two hour shift. Most already had a sample ballot or knew who they were voting for. It's great to live in a community of educated voters. 

Was a good crowd there.

I voted early, but I stopped by four precincts today - Estes Hills, Battle Park, Coker Hills, and Ridgefield.  All had a table from the Orange County Democratic Party with volunteers - I only saw a candidate representative at one (someone giving out literature for Pam Hemminger at Coker Hills). The phrase of the day was slow but steady. There's a chance of thunderstorms towards poll closing time - hopefully that won't deter anyone.

...47 ballots counted by 8.30 when I dropped mine in. It was great to see Mark Dorosin at Ephesus this morning.  

where is the best place to see election results?


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