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After last week's heartbreaking vote on Amendment One, I noticed a lot of my friends on Facebook talking about how proud we were to live in the county that voted it down by the very biggest margin. I got the idea to make a shirt to show off our Orange County pride. Hopefully if there's enough interest, the shirts made locally at some place like The Merch.

I'd love for you to help, readers, by listing some the things you love the most about Orange County.  If you don't see your favorite things, please add them by checking write-in! The ideas will be put together in a word cloud that shows our values.

Pictured at left is a demonstration of how this could look.  

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Would those who are voting for 'progressive' please explain what that term means to them?

Terri, You have lived here a long time, are you saying you don't know what folks around here mean when they say they are progressive thinking citizens or are you just trying to get a reaction for discussion? Just wondering?

Progressive is a fairly ambiguous term for this day and time. In the 20th century  the progressive party advocated for change. Is that what local progressives want? I continue to call myself a liberal. Is there a difference? And for the record, I've asked this question multiple times and never got much of an answer. 

Progressive is just another name for liberal and thank you for being brave to admit you are liberal. I am certainly not liberal or progressive.

Thanks for clearing that up Terri. 


I saw cognitive linguist George Lakoff, the author of 'Don't think of an Elephant', speak a few years ago. After the talk I got to ask him some questions. One was, Why does he use the term Progressive? He said that after studies the think tank Rockridge Institute determined that the word Liberal had been damaged in the public eye. They felt it was cheaper to promote a new word...

In the context of this shirt, "progressive" means whatever the wearer wants it to mean. Any attempts to define it for others are probably a waste of time.

She is not progressive.Actually she's right of center, but that's what passes for liberal a lot of the time.  


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