Homeless shelter relocation

It's being discussed to death this week and we have a lot of background on it here, what do you think of the proposed relocation of the shelter to the corner of Homestead Road and Martin Luther King Blvd?

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It's hard to include other content in a poll entry, so here's a quickie showing the proposed location (approximately).

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The location is RIGHT next to a sprawling park with many hiding places and a slight drug and prostitution problem already.  My family all go to the park on a regular basis, to swim or walk or play on the playground.  I'm comfortable enough there now with my six-year-old, and my elderly and disabled mom walks by herself  in the park daily, but if there was a contingent of homeless men panhandling and hanging out in the park I don't think it would take very long until we weren't comfortable there anymore. -Bryn

Relocation of Homeless shelter to the proposed place affects too many neighbourhoods nearby.  To vote to know the public opinions is a good start but to choose this forum is so biased if IFC want to hear real unbiased voice.  This political platform requires that only citizens valid the vote, which completely deprives of the right of non citizen-voters  who are seriously affected by this relocation. Parkside ,Northwoods etc are huge in terms of racial diversity, nearly 40% of residents are not originally from US.  To vote here is absolutely not fair to them.  If IFC really want to hear real public voice, let's choose another public forum to disscuss this issue openly and respectfully.

For the sake of our children, I am strongly against building the IFC
house at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. location. It is too close to
the Homestead Park, where our children play daily. Imagine how your
child would feel when a drunken man comes to her or him when s/he is
playing in the park; and imagine a senior is on the way home crossing
the park in evening while a stranger suddenly faces her or him. I dare
not imagine what will happen. Dare you?

lwang1, perhaps I'm minsunderstanding you, and my apologies if so, but I believe the poll here is merely informal one for the readers of OrangePolitics.   As for safety issues, I think they are largely overblown.  Yes, there are homeless people who partake in criminal activity, but frankly I worry more about people who don't stop in crosswalks or chat and/or text on the phone instead of paying attention to the road.  I wish people would stop focusing on false fears and pay attention to and take responsiblity for things that actually happen.  Chapel Hill is a very safe city, homeless shelter or no homeless shelter. That said, I am against the site mostly because I think it's just a strange place for it.  It's true there are other social services nearby, but I would think the new homeless shelter should be near where the actual homeless people are, i.e. downtown.  I don't know the whole history of the decision-making process for this location, but it just seems it would be more useful in a less remote place.

I hope you meant people who don't stop BEFORE crosswalks.  If a driver doesn't stop until he/she is *in* the crosswalk, we have a problem....   :)

Let's face it. Safety issues or not, I am sure parents are going to love coming to 8 AM soccer games and finding the guys kicked out of the shelter sleeping in the Pavilion. I am from DC. I think I have probably seen more Homeless in one park at 7:30 AM than the IFC serves in a night. So don't ask me to trust the judgment of people who have never experienced that every day for a year.The biggest issue is the Emergency component. The IFC went to its PR people and first said "It's on MLK." It's not.Then they said: "It's Homestart" - It is except for the MAJORITY of the Year when it is an Emergency "Wet" Shelter. Then they said: "Bad people will be kicked out>" Compassionate? Hardly. Where will they go? "Community Problem."So, please, as a citizen, I have heard enough PR.  Move the Emergency Component away from the park. But the IFC is being completely irresponsible by saying they will kick drunks out on a cold, wet night to freeze to death on one hand and blaming the community for not being "compassionate" on the other. I realize that logic is lost in this debate, but you don't get the moral high ground for telling us people need a place to go and then kicking them out because you don't feel like dealing with them.Homestart cannot work with alcoholics and drug addicts disrupting the program more than half of the year. PR or not. Homelessness is a "Community" problem. It is not a moral issue nor should a man be judged because he is Homeless. However, unless the Police plan to permanently station an officer at the Pavilion every morning game will begin with a call to the police to empty it.


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