Whither the Herald?

Fiona Morgan has an article in last week's Independent Weekly about the much-discussed rumor that The Herald-Sun is considering ending publication of The Chapel Hill Herald as a separate paper.

Rally for local war protesters today

I've heard some folks call them the David Price Six, which has a nice ring to it. But it's also notable that Representative Price has requested to drop the charges against the six protesters who occupied his office in an effort to get him to more vigorously oppose the war.

Six local protesters go on trial this afternoon on trespassing charges in connection with an anti-war demonstration in U.S. Rep. David Price's office in February.

Town of Carrboro Charter Printed in The Citizen

In this weeks Carrboro Citizen you'll find the Charter of the Town of Carrboro. You may wonder who besides a politician or bureaucrat would enjoy reading this document? Well me for one.

Green business and eco-tourism

The N&O's recent article questioning the green credentials of the local Chamber of Commerce seemed to signal a departure from their past coverage which generally accepted the Chamber's promotion of the "triple bottom line" without too much skepticism.

Carrboro Day

... is this Sunday. What's your favorite activity? Do you think it will rain?


Skill Share @ the Hillsborough Road Co-op

Free food, workshops, and music this Saturday (May 5) and Sunday (May 6) at the Weaver Community Housing Association's oldest cooperative. Sustainable food harvesting workshops, gender identity discussions, magic trick swap, and more! All documented by The People's Channel! All ages welcome. Please bring a donation for the bands.



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