"So What is That Thing?"

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... it's a mixed-use project, combining offices and residential condominiums, called simply "605 West Main Street." Technically, it's a three-story building, the maximum allowed in the B-1(g) [Carrboro] zoning district in which it is located. In actuality, though, the building will stand four stories tall; the entire ground floor will serve as a parking level. - Chapel Hill News, 7/12/04

Breakfast Club Endorses Carey and Foushee

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The Hank Anderson Breakfast Club has issued endorsements in the County Commissioner race. I must commend them on their good taste - they picked the same pair I have been favoring: Moses Carey and Valerie Foushee.

(FYI: I am a member of the Breakfast Club, but I haven't attended in many months and was not involved in the endorsement process. Just so you don't think I'm referring to myself in the third person or something.)

To Filter or not to Filter

Guest Post by Terri Buckner

The Chapel Hill Libraries and town manager, Cal Horton, are at odds about the value of internet filters.

The Children's Internet Protection Act, upheld by the Supreme Court a year ago, requires libraries to install filters or lose federal money.

We don't think filtering works very well," said Robert Schriner, library board chairman. "We don't think it does the job, and it basically interferes with getting access to real sites. It has been shown to filter out sites that are perfectly legitimate."

Radio Free Orange

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OK, well almost. WCOM is on the air, but without any programming yet. I think this could be a great asset to our community, but there's a lot of work to be done if it's going to happen. And so far the organization is unproven.

What kind of programming would y'all like to hear on WCOM? Some people have suggested some kind of OrangePolitics talk show where we would discuss the latest issues that are on the website and interview local public figures. What do you think?

Be Very Afraid

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The Mayor of Chapel Hill has been gradually taking money and power away from the Downtown Commission and directing it toward this new body, Chapel Hill Downtown Economic Development Corporation. It's quite clear from yesterday's Chapel Hill Herald article that the University is involved deeply with this new body - not that they weren't pretty influential with the old one, for that matter.

The Adams Tract

For those of you who haven't heard the news, the Adams Tract near downtown Carrboro is being bought by the town. Thanks to the hard work of a LOT of people, it sounds like this 27 acre natural area will continue to be fully accessible to residents of town. In addition, the ecological integrity of the site will (hopefully) be preserved at the same time.

Kudos to Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and Orange County for working together to protect this important site near the center of town!

And the magic number is... 420

At the Carrboro board meeting tonight, there was a presentation and public comment period concerning the new "Carrboro Senior High School". One of the striking things about the initial plan is that, despite adhering to environmentally sound building design principles, the overall layout of the school still encourages the same kind of sprawl as usual. There was a disconnect between the idea of "green building" and "sustainable" development practices.


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