"Your Real Motive Here, Bill, is to Stop Us"

Right now I'm listening to Jim Heavner's WCHL-sponsored "forum" on Carolina North featuring Jim Moeser, Roger Perry, Kevin Foy, Bill Strom and Michael Collins. What a bitch fest! What began as a relatively civil conversation has devolved, yet again, into a cacaphony of whines.

Tuesday Night Live

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7:41 pm: Here is some live, during meeting coverage of the May 18, 2004 Carrboro Board of Aldermen by me, Alderman Mark Chilton.

Hopefully this account will be more interesting than being present in person!

The meeting began with some introductory remarks from Bo Lozoff - the man who is starting a job-training bio-diesel production facility in Orange County. The Mayor referred him to the Public Works director to discuss the town purchasing bio-diesel from his new facility.

Is Education a Zero-Sum Game?

Guest Post by Eric Muller

In last Wednesday's Chapel Hill News, school superintendent Neil Pedersen wrote the following:

We take th[e] goal for equality a step farther by advocating for 'equity,' which means that students deserve to receive whatever resources are necessary to meet common educational goals. In some cases, equity will lead to some students receiving more resources than others in order to meet the same, high educational goals.

Would Orange Play the Lottery?

Guest Post by Terri Buckner

According to the News & Observer, under a new proposal, each county would have the choice of opting into the state lottery. The details aren't provided in a newspaper article that I can link to but on the State of Things on May 11, it was stated that once 25 counties voted to participate in the lottery, the lottery would be implemented statewide with 25% of all revenues going to the schools.

Wireless Carrboro

Terri brought up the question of what is currently happening with the town of Carrboro's wireless initiative. At this point, town hall and Weaver Street are the only wired areas. Of course, Nextel's experiment on regionwide broadband wireless access may make all of this moot. But anyone have thoughts on Carrboro's program and what the next steps are/should be?

The West Bank Connection

Most folks in this area are pretty informed about Middle East issues. Although it's a global issue, the Palestinian crisis affects our community because of our strong academic, friendship, and sometimes cultural global ties in this college town. Well, now's your chance to listen to and talk to people who have lived in the West Bank and have some insight on the crisis. Just FYI, this presentation is geared towards the Christian faith community.

This is What an Independent Bookstore Looks Like

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Last Monday, the Chapel Hill Herald ran yet another gushing story about Branch's Bookstore in Chapel Hill, continuing their pointed avoidance of the fact of the Internationalist's very existence! In the caption for the adorable photo of Kate Branch it said "...Branch's Chapel Hill Bookshop, which is Chapel Hill's only independent bookstore."

Let the Games Begin

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The filing period is now closed and we definitely have an interesting primary ahead of us. Thanks to Chapel Hill Herald Editor Ray Gronberg for pointing out that the list of candidates is already available on the Orange County Board of Elections website (which, by the way has made no noticeable improvement since the last election day debacle).

So... who you like and why or why not?


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