Will YMCA Merger Include Equal Benefits for All Employees?

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On Tuesday, June 3, at 6:00 pm, the Board of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA is likely to announce that it will merge with the YMCA of the Triangle Association (YOTA). The meeting will take place at Amity Church, 825 N Estes Drive, adjacent to the CHCYMCA.

This Week in Orange Politics: June 2-8

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It’s relatively slow this week in Orange County, but there’s still plenty going on. The Carrboro Alderpersons will consider affordable housing and amendments to the Joint Planning Agreement, who, their Chapel Hill counterpart will work on the budget and discuss what to do with the Old Library Property. The Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board will also talk about implementing a Mandarin Chinese program, while the county commissioners will have a full agenda that includes the budget, rural curbside recycling and transportation project prioritization.

Commissioners Consider Curbside Recycling and Solid Waste (again)

At Tuesday night's Board of County Commissioner's meeting, the commissioners will vote to create a multi-jurisdictional, time-restricted Solid Waste Advisory Group (SWAG). This 12-member advisory group will consist of 2 representatives from each of the 4 local governments, 2 from UNC, and 2 citizens, and will be tasked with defining the nature, scope, and timing of solid waste issues including, but not limited to: 

Fully Fund Our Schools: A Statement From the CHCCS PTA President

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This is the statement I delivered to the Orange County Board of Commissioners during last night's meeting. The comments are posted here as well as the PTA Council blog.

Good evening. My name is Jeff Hall. I am the President of the Chapel Hill / Carrboro City Schools PTA Council.

This Week in Orange Politics: May 27-June 1

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Though this week is a short one, Orange County’s public bodies have a full calendar. The county school board and county commissioners will both consider their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year, while the the Hillsborough Town Board discusses a proposed historic landmarks program. The Carrboro alderfolks will take on a host of issues including affordable rental strategies and a potential downtown slow zone, while the Chapel Hill Town Council will interview applicants for a restructured Planning Commission and get feedback on the town’s stormwater plan.

This Week in Orange Politics: May 19-25

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Budgets will be the primary topic covered this week by Orange County’s public bodies with the Carrboro Alderfolks, the Chapel Hill Town Council, Hillsborough Town Board and county commissioners all working on spending plans for the next fiscal years. Both school boards will take a break from meeting this week.

Here’s the full summary:


Regular Meeting: Tuesday, May 20th, 7:30pm, Carrboro Town Hall Board Room

The Most Bizarre Thing Said About Ephesus-Fordham

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Unless you watched the Chapel Hill Town Council meeting on Ephesus-Fordham last Monday from start to finish, there’s a good chance you haven’t heard the most bizarre thing said at that meeting.

That comment came from Councilmember Ed Harrison during the discussion on whether or not to apply the freshly-approved form-based code elements of the Land Use Management Ordinance (LUMO) to the areas of the Ephesus-Fordham district.

Your Guide to the Ephesus-Fordham Renewal Plan

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Last Monday, the Chapel Hill Town Council approved the Ephesus-Fordham renewal plan. Depending on what news sources and opinion columnists you read, you might have some understanding of what this plan actually is and does, or you might not. Since there has been so much spin around the plan, here's our guide to what the Ephesus-Fordham plan includes - and what the Council passed last Monday.

What do you love about Chapel Hill?

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Did you know that visitor spending in Chapel Hill and Orange County accounts for over $160 million in economic impact ever year? Tourism is a clean business that creates jobs and tax revenue that helps keep our county the amazing place it is. I was appointed to represent the Town Council on the Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitor's Bureau at the start of this year, and am committed to increasing the economic impact from tourism over this year. 

This Week in Orange Politics: May 12-18

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This week will be a busy one, with each of Orange County’s public bodies holding at least one meeting. The budget will be on tap for both the Carrboro Alderfolks and the County Commissioners. The Commissioners will also consider recycling (again) and work on issues related to childhood poverty. Chapel Hill will resume deliberations on Ephesus-Fordham and potentially vote on the proposal. The Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board will get an update on it’s long range plan, while its Orange County counterpart will hear about a STEM initiative in the district.


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