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Like many of you, I have been so wrapped up in the presidential horse race, it's been hard to pay attention to local issues lately. But lest these stories fall entirely through the cracks, here are a few notable news items from this week:

CHN 10/26/04: County sees increase in voter rolls
Due to overdue list cleanup, there are only 665 more voters registered in Orange County than we had in 2000, but there are 2,493 more voters registered as unaffiliated.

Plans for Tuesday

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I know a lot of you will be volunteering in various electoral capacities on Tuesday, we'll have an open thread for you to post your reports of what's going on around town. We'll also post any news updates we get from the local Board of Elections there. That thread will open along with the polling places at 6:30 am.

And after the polls close (7:30 pm) The Town of Carrboro has invited us to come watch the returns. As usual, Carrboro is the place to be!


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Two free events this weekend that readers want you to know about: the Really Really Free Market on Saturday in Carrboro, and 'artist-activist' Alix Olsen on campus Friday night.

From Vinci Daro:

In case you haven't heard, the Really Really Free Market is this Saturday, Oct 30th from 1-5 in the Carrboro Town Commons, after the Farmers Market. It will be fun fun fun; please spread the word and bring your friends, something or someskill or someservice or somemusic or somestories to share, or just come and get something for free... Press release below.

Vaden leaving C.H. News

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The Chapel Hill News is replacing long-time editor and publisher Ted Vaden with Brenda Larson ("business development analyst for The News & Observer's community newspapers") who will also act as the publisher of the Cary News. The loss of Vaden is bad in itself, but replacing him with someone who is not from Chapel Hill and won't be focused on Chapel Hill sounds like a disaster to me. I hope I'm wrong!

Chapel Hill and Carrboro...not the same?

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No they are not. That is what one developer is learning as a plan for a 164 unit apartment complex is planned on property which lies in the jurisdiction of both municipalities. This development (Merrit Mill Apartments) not only raises the issue of properties lying in two jurisdictions but also larger issues of how interconnected development between the city and the town is. Issues like how will traffic get in and out of the development?


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