Let's talk transit

Tomorrow is the second public information session on the Town of Chapel Hill's Long Range Transit Plan. Gateways in CH LRTP

James Carnahan wrote a great opinion piece in the Carrboro Citizen last month about the LRTP and the importance of public engagement with the questions it raises. Here's just a bit, I recommend reading the entire thing:

This document will play an important role in future investments we make in transit infrastructure, and thus in our ability to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, increase the walkability of our towns and enhance the vitality of our local economy.

Independent's Day

The Democratic Party has proven to be a failure and has demonstrated time after time that it will support the agenda of corporations and the wealthy elites over the general citizenry. Due to onerous ballot access laws and the overwhelming majority of the media that are owned by the same wealthy powers who buy our politicians, third party efforts have not gotten much traction onthe heavily-sloped playing field.

I believe that a first step toward authentic democracy is to liberate citizens from party affiliation. Then, with a sufficient number of citizens who are not affiliated with either party, we can take the next step toward organizing a party that would truly represent ordinary citizens. Think of it as a weaning process.

How about a goal of making Orange County the first county in the United States to have a majority of independent or unaffiliated voters? It would not affect anyone's ability to vote in primaries - just choose which party when you vote. There would be no sacrifice of voting power, but it would send a message that we are not being adequately represented by the out-of-touch Democratic and Republican parties.

Previewing 2010: Eyes on County Commissioners and N.C. Senate

Kirk Ross had a good preview of the coming electoral season in The Carrboro Citizen last week.  He highlighted the battle for Ellie Kinnaird's N.C. Senate seat as she will really be retiring this year (we think.)  I'm amused that after his bold declaration that he'd be back after losing to Kinnaird in the 2008 primary, Moses Carey is now quietly enjoying his N.C. state goverment appointment instead of gearing up for a campaign.

Kirk also introduced the emerging races for County Comissioner...

It's Not Political But....

I'd like to remind everyone that Triangle Transit has some new route and schedule changes effective today as well as some fare changes.  In particular I'd like to point out that travel on Triangle Transit is now free for those 65 years or over and for those under 12.  So if you know of someone who might benefit from these free fares please mention it to them.  Also mention the useful trip planner available at

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010.

Happy New Year 2010!!!

Before going to bed on this first day of the new year I wanted to take a moment to say Happy New Year to all my friends & fellow bloggers on Orange Politics.  It has been a busy year in local politics, and national politics too.  Here is a rather optomistic view of the president's first year in office.  I for one think there is a lot more work to be done, but I think it is far from a bad start:,-and-where-we-are

Happy New Year!!!  How did you celebrate?  What resolutions did you make?  How will the glasses "0" shortage be solved?

As you can see, the "double 0" glasses crisis has been averted for a year by centering 2010! with a exclamation point, but we must demand more sustaintable solutions.


We had a small party at my place with food, drinks, games, some Mario Kart wii, and of course watching the ball drop.



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