Is This What We've Come To?

Unless you've been on vacation for the last 10 days or so you should be quite aware of the controversial action of the Chapel Hill Town Council (by a 8-1 vote) granting themselves a health care benefit usually associated with long-term service. I'm sure readers of this site have by now made up their minds as to the appropriateness of this action so I need not concern myself with that.

Special Transit Advisory Commission releases planning blueprint

The Special Transit Advisory Commission (STAC) is made up of citizens and transportation specialists from throughout the Triangle area. The Capital Area MPO (CAMPO) and the Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro MPO (DCHC-MPO) have formed this advisory board to come up with a new set of transit and fixed-guideway (rail) plans to bring more and better transit options to the Triangle region. The report, with recommendations and some terrific maps of the options, is available for download from the Regional Transit Infrastructure Blueprint page.

Restore El Futuro

The following e-mail was forwarded to me by a friend. El Futuro works to help Latinos with mental health issues, it seems like an important program deserving of our support. Please take a moment to contact your favorite commissioner and ask that they restore funding.

Last night, the Orange County commissioners tentatively nixed $60,000 that had been approved by their subcommittee for El Futuro ( if you're not familiar with the organization).

Please please please send the commissioners an email TODAY --their meeting is tonight-- protesting this decision. Based on a conversation one of our board members had with an OC commissioner, there is still a chance to restore at least part of this funding if we can get people to object.

El Futuro is an amazing non-profit organization that serves a population that otherwise would be ignored.

Congrats to Hannah Gage & Linda Brady!

"Hannah Gage was chosen unanimously as chairwoman of the policy-making body of the state university system for the next two years. The founder and former owner of Cape Fear Broadcasting Company was elected to the board in 2001 and currently serves as chairwoman of the board's Committee on Personnel and Tenure, the group charged with formally nominating such high-ranking officials as UNC Chancellor-elect Holden Thorp following a university-led search."

Mysterious acquisition

UPDATE: UNC is buying University Square and Granville Towers.

Anyone want to guess what this is about?

Representatives from UNC-Chapel Hill and the Town of Chapel Hill will hold a joint news conference at 1 p.m. today to announce details about a major real estate acquisition. The event will be held at the Chapel Hill Town Hall.

The news will have "significant positive implications" for the future of the downtown Chapel Hill business district, UNC officials said this morning.

Go Glen Lennox

[Save Glen Lennox]Kudos to the Little Creek Neighborhood Association who are mobilizing to save the nearby Glen Lennox neighborhood from redevelopment by Grubb Properties. They have enough petition signatures to start the Neighborhood Conservation District process with the Town of Chapel Hill.



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