Give Congress a piece of your mind

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Opposed to the Iraq War? Concerned about the deficit? Support gay marriage? Want Democrats to find a spine? Surprised at support of corrupt, conservative Chatham County politicians?

Our Congressman, David Price, is holding in district meetings including one in Chapel Hill on Thursday. Give him a piece of your mind!

Hey, gals, can you bloviate?

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An interesting debate has erupted nationally over the lack of women among the punditry. Katha Pollitt (niece of our own celebrated Dan Pollitt) wrote in the April 4 Nation about recent reports including one that only 20% of the LA Times op-ed authors were women. The Washington Post has only one woman among its 19 pundits and only 10% on its op-ed page.

What Should Al Franken Discuss in Chapel Hill?

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As reported in the News & Observer:

"The Al Franken Show" is coming to Chapel Hill on April 13. Al Franken and co-host Katherine Lanpher will broadcast the show live from the Carolina Union Auditorium. "The Al Franken Show" airs weekdays from noon until 3 p.m. on News Talk 1360 WCHL-AM. The station announced the visit Tuesday.

Perhaps someone at WCHL can provide more information on Franken and Lanpher's plans for their visit to Chapel Hill.

I have emailed Franken inviting him to visit orangepolitics to find possible topics.

Staying Alive?

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The Terri Schiavo case is a bit far afield for this blog but it's worth reminding people that in North Carolina it is possible to record both a living will and a health care power of attorney. There are many attorneys in the area who do this work, and who can make sure that the language of each accords with North Carolina law.

I found a good overview of these items including links to pdf files for the necessary forms at the New Hanover Health Network.

How can you protest and collaborate at the same time?

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This is the question on many minds as UNC says they want to work together with the town on Carolina North, while simultaneously attempting to block a pro-active initiative of the town to re-zone the Horace Williams tract to OI-2, which realistically reflects the current capacity of our public infrastructure and the lack of any formal proposal for the land from UNC.

Rally for the Troops in Fayetteville

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Chapel Hill Herald, Saturday, March 19, 2005
[modified slightly from published version to reflect that the event is now past]

Last Saturday's March and Rally to Bring the Troops Home Now in Fayetteville was not your typical peace rally. The location was chosen to focus on support for the troops.

Among the main sponsors were Veterans For Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Military Families Speak Out.

See you in Fayetteville

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Tomorrow is the second anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. And there will be a second annual demonstration in Fayetteville to oppose the war. This is not your typical Chapel Hill gathering of peaceniks and hippies making each other feel better. This event is being organized by veterans and military families (see below) who are most directly feeling the costs of this war.

Housing and Homeless Program Targeted for Cuts

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This in from the Interfaith Council:

The House and Senate are getting ready to pass budget resolutions that will profoundly affect how much funding is available for housing and homelessness programs next year.

Contact your Representative and Senators Dole and Burr TODAY!

Tell them the Budget Resolution is going to hurt our successful efforts on ending homelessness in North Carolina.


Senator Dole's Office: 202/224-6342 staff: Al Garesche, if not available, ask for Amanda Nealy

Zoning and mobility at Planning Board tonight

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On tonight's Chapel Hill Planning Board agenda there are a number of interesting issues including rezoning the Horace Williams tract (the future home of Carolina North), rezoning the Greenwood neighborhood to prevent redevelopment, and a report on increasing health and mobility in Northside. Since I can't be there in person, I wrote the following to my colleagues on the board:

Horace Williams Tract re-zoning.

May I have the envelope please . . .

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This word is just in from a source who spoke with the Governor's office. The new Superior Court Judge for Orange and Chatham counties will be . . .

District Attorney Carl Fox!

According to Gerry Cohen, an attorney for the North Carolina General Assembly (and who is not the source who spoke to the Governor's office), Article 4 section 18 of the North Carolina Constitution gives the Governor the power to appoint an interim District Attorney when there is a vacancy in the office, so the next question is who will the Governor appoint to replace Carl Fox?


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