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Also, don't use the neti wash plus unless you have sinus congestion or mucous buildup in your sinuses. A simple nasal irrigation with salt and baking soda is all you need if you have slight buildup - say from last night's sleep.Which neti pot to choose? I prefer the non-breakable medical grade plastic neti pot as I broke my ceramic neti pot in the shower when it dropped. The plastic neti pot is also handy as you can toss it into your baggage when you travel. It also comes with a sample of the neti wash plus and neti salt packets. This way you can try the difference in salt quality and see how the neti wash plus works for you.NPR did a special news report on the use of neti pots and nasal irrigation . Neti pots are making a strong comeback as a main treatment for sinus congestion and allergies.The NPR quick summary:Morning Edition, October 12, 2005.
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It's pretty awesome how fast it works. Remember - do not blow hard and do not occlude one nostril. If you do blow hard or occlude one nostril, you have made you sinus congestion return - or worse, moved it into your ear.Don't blow hard. You don't need to. The neti wash plus and nasal irrigation does all the work for you. You just provide the tissues and the trashcan.Try to stay rested, relaxed and healthy. Not easy to do - but when you get a cold or sinus congestion - you now know what to do!If you have any questions about nasal irrigation, you may email me. I'd be glad to help you out.Some basic cautions with nasal irrigation. If you have routine bloody noses, don't do it. If you get a bloody nose, adjust the salt/baking soda/tincture ratio. If you still get bloody noses, stop as your mucous membranes may be too dried out. I don't recommend using the neti wash plus with zinc if your nose is sensitive.
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Repeat on the other side. Do this about 2-3 times each side. Refill the neti pot as needed. I typically can do it sufficiently with one full neti pot. This takes about 3 minutes. Sounds like a lot of work but it's fast - especially as you do it more and more. Rinse out the neti pot or place it in the dishwasher to sterilize. I recommend buying one for each person of the family. This way you don't have to wash it so hard everytime.You may feel one of two things: all cleared up and easier to breathe - or - stuffed up more than before. If stuffed up, don't fret or blow your nose hard. Just wait. The Neti wash plus tincture mix is working on breaking up the mucous and within a few minutes nike tn requin , you'll be searching for tissues as the mucous begins to literally flow out of your nose.
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Supporting Teachers

Last evening my son and I attended a forum at Culbreth Middle School about teacher pay. There were a number of panels. First teachers spoke (including one of my son's teachers from Carrboro High School). They shared stories about how hard it was to make it on teacher pay especially since their salaries have been frozen at the same pay scale step since 2007. State statistics show that an unusually high number of teachers are leaving for other states or are quitting the profession. High school and middle school students talked about their teachers and how sad it was that many of their teachers have decided to leave.  Aaron Nelson spoke for the local business community. He mentioned the positive impact a good school system has on the economy and that they support paying more for education. Finally the local superintendent, 3 state reps and 1 state senator spoke about the budgets and politics.
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A Progressive & Balanced Budget Plan

When the INDY asked me what were my thoughts on the budget of the Sheriff’s office, this is how I responded:

That the sheriff’s department is not as efficient and up-to-date technologically as it could be is one place where efficiency is compromised and money is wasted.  After the various reforms I intend to make within the administration and upgrades to the technology, we should see less money spent on various (often duplicated) administrative tasks. 

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Campus and Community Leaders to Vote Early at NC Hillel

Campus and community leaders will gather at North Carolina Hillel this Thursday, April 24th, at 3:30pm, to celebrate the first day of early voting in this year's May primary election. UNC Chancellor Carol Folt, NC Hillel Executive Director Ari Gauss, Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt, and UNC Student Body President Andrew Powell will make brief remarks before casting their ballots.

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This Week in Orange Politics: April 21-27

Though many of Orange County's public bodies will be taking a break from regular meetings this week, there's still plenty going on. The Carrboro Alderfolks will reivew its priorities of projects to receive transit tax funds and get an update on the work to extend to sewer service to the Rogers Road community. Chapel Hill will take on the budget, the reorganization of the town's advisory boards and the porposed zoning changes for the Ephesus-Fordham project. The council will also hold a hearing on a stormwater management plan.

Thursday, WCHL will hold its annual community forum, while the polls opens for the first day of early voting.

We'll also be holding our last two online candidate forums--one on Wednesday evening for the 6 candidates running for sheriff, and another on Sunday for the 5 Democratic candidates in this year's primary for the Board of County Commissioners. 

Here's the summary: 

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Checkpoints & Racial Bias

The INDY also asked about roadblocks/checkpoints and potential racial profiling.  Here are my thoughts on the matter:

If checkpoints are being manipulated to racially profile drivers, then that is a gross misuse of a tool which is a public good and such actions have no place in my administration.  Checkpoints are instituted to keep people from hurting themselves and others, not as an instrument of racial oppression or intimidation.  I would welcome review of the department’s documentation for checkpoints by organizations such as the ACLU because I am committed to justice and transparency. 

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