Sign the Petition to Expand Early Voting

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Yesterday, I attended the Board of Elections meeting where they were to approve the early vote schedule for the fall. Though I knew there could be some others in attendance regarding an early vote site on campus (I was part of the informal committee looking for sites and suggested Carolina Hillel as a possibility, which was eventually approved). There were at least a dozen people in attendance speaking, as I did, in support of expanded hours on Saturday and adding Sunday as a voting day.

This Week in Orange Politics: July 14-20

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Though many of Orange County’s public bodies are off this week, don’t forget to vote in the runoff/second primary for sheriff. The polls will be open 6:30am to 7:30pm. Both school boards will also be meeting. The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board will consider a technology contract, while its Orange County counterpart will get an update on the budget for the upcoming year. The Hillsborough Town Board will have two meetings, one for general matters and other for changes to the Unified Development Ordinance.

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School Board Cutting Custodian Salaries to Reduce Budget?

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During budget discussions last night, some members of the Chapel Hill Carrboro School Board indicated that they would support a strategy to cut their budget that would affect some of our lowest income workers. A proposal was made to move 15 custodians from being school district employees making $11/hour to contractors making only $9.60/hour. This would save $30,000, but is it really the way we want to save money? Not me.

This Week in Orange Politics: June 30-July 6

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Though most of Orange County's public bodies have no meetings this week, the Chapel Hill Town Council will meet to decide who should purchase the Old Library property and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board will hold a work session on its 204-2015 budget.

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  • The Carrboro Board is in summer recess.

This Week in Orange Politics: June 23-29

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The county commissioners and both boards of education are off this week, all three municipal boards will be meeting. The Carrboro alderfolks will discuss changes to the Land Use Ordinance related to drive-thurs and affordable housing, while the Chapel Hill Town Council will take on the Glen Lennox redevelopment plan and appointments to the town boards and the Hillsborough Town Board will consider issues related to a few specific properities.

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Long lag time for BOCC meeting minutes

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Last week I wanted to know what happened at a previous Orange County Commissioner meeting. When I went to the county web-site to read the minutes, the most recent minutes available were from almost two months ago.

I understand that county staff people may be over-burdened and that budgetary concerns have resulted in less staff than we used to have. However, it is essential for effective governance that citizens have timely access to the minutes of meetings.


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