Our Future

Bernadette Pelissier, Orange County Commissioner, has announced that she will not seek re-election in 2016. I want to be the first to thank Commissioner Pelissier for her seven years of service to our county and community. She has been an extraordinary leader, and she will be missed.

What's Next for Chapel Hill?

This year's municipal election is over. There were wins I was proud of and losses that deeply disappointed me. Regardless of who you supported in this year's elections, I think we can all agree that everyone who ran should be given our thanks for stepping up to the plate; that the incumbents who lost should be given our gratitude for their years of service; and that the council and mayoral newcomers should now be given our help, advice, and honest feedback to keep Chapel Hill moving forward on progressive issues.

2015 Election Day Open Thread

Did you vote early? Are you voting today? What are you seeing out there? Share it here...

This Week in Orange Politics: November 2-8

Only the Orange County Board of Commissioners and the Chapel Hill Carrboro School Board will meet this week, oh and there's a little election on Tuesday.


  • There is no meeting this week due to election day. The board's next meeting is November 10th.


  • There is no meeting this week. The board's next meeting is November 9th.


Endorsements Roundup 2015

It looks like all of the organizational endorsements are in, and early voting is now underway. The spreadsheet below provides a summary of this year's endorsements. Now it's time for the most important endorsements: yours!

Breakfast Club Endorses in Chapel Hill, School Board Races

The Hank Anderson-Bill Thorpe-Yonni Chapman Breakfast Club has issued its endorsements for the Chapel Hill Town Council and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board.



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