This Week in Orange Politics: June 23-29

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The county commissioners and both boards of education are off this week, all three municipal boards will be meeting. The Carrboro alderfolks will discuss changes to the Land Use Ordinance related to drive-thurs and affordable housing, while the Chapel Hill Town Council will take on the Glen Lennox redevelopment plan and appointments to the town boards and the Hillsborough Town Board will consider issues related to a few specific properities.

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Long lag time for BOCC meeting minutes

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Last week I wanted to know what happened at a previous Orange County Commissioner meeting. When I went to the county web-site to read the minutes, the most recent minutes available were from almost two months ago.

I understand that county staff people may be over-burdened and that budgetary concerns have resulted in less staff than we used to have. However, it is essential for effective governance that citizens have timely access to the minutes of meetings.

This Week in Orange Politics: June 16-22

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Transit will be a focus this week as Triangle Transit presents bus expansion concepts to the county commissioners Tuesday and hosts a transit update Thursday in Chapel Hill. Both the county commissioners and the Carrboro alderfolks will vote to approve their budgets for next, while the Chapel Hill Town Council will consider several small area plans and the sale of the old library property.

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Thank You

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We did it.

Six months ago, the CHCCS PTA Council adopted as it's primary local advocacy priority to fully fund schools. We knew that a difficult budget year loomed and that the community would have to come together to make a difference.

UNC to Start (Inequitably) Charging for Evening Parking

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According to the Daily Tar Heel, UNC is going to start charging for evening parking this fall. All students will shoulder this cost as an annual $10.40 charge to their student fees. Non-affliated visitors to UNC will pay $2/evening. Nighttime employees will pay an annual fee between $227 (for those with an income of less than $25K/year) to $390 (for those making over $100K/year), which is the same price as daytime permits.

What Are We Doing About Affordable Housing?

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Addressing affordable housing so that all people can afford to live in our community is an extremely important issue to many in our community. It has been given as a reason to develop and redevelop our towns and as a reason not to. Many organizations including the Community Home Trust, EmPOWERment Inc., Habitat for Humanity, the InterFaith Council, CASA, Orange County Justice United, and The Marion Cheek Jackson Center have been working with the towns and county to provide and/or advocate for housing at prices attainable across all spectrums of income.

This Week in Orange Politics: June 9-15

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Budgets will again be the focus of Orange County's public bodies this week. Both the Chapel Hill Town Council and the Hillsborough Town Board will vote to approve their budgets for the upcoming year tonight, while the county commissioners will hold another work session to continue working through their spending plan tomorrow. The Orange County Board of Education will also consider its budget after hearing about strategies to recruit and retain minority teachers.

Obey Creek

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I just returned home from a three plus hour meeting about Obey Creek. This was the last meeting before Chapel Hill decides to enter a development agreement negotiation. Phase I the Compass Committee ended last winter, Phase II addional information gathering has been during the last six months and phase III negotiations will probably begin soon. The first hour was a repeat of the traffic analysis presentation that was given last month at the library. More data will be obtained from additional studies but the analysis incorporates 1.2% traffic growth rate as the back ground increase in traffic.


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