Five Months Late, County Commissioners Invite Comment on 2016 Bond Referendum

In an unusual move, the county commissioners have invited comment on 2016 bond referendum—even though it’s not on the agenda.

Chapel Hill Reminds Candidates About Rules for Signs

A combination of state law and municipal code regulate how political signs may be displayed in Chapel Hill.

Local AFL-CIO Affiliate Issues Endorsements

The Orange County affiliate of the North Carolina AFL-CIO has issued endorsements in the Chapel Hill Town Council and Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board races.

Happy Labor Day

Two years ago I was endorsed by the AFL-CIO and one thing they they keep hoping is that we will all push for the right of public employees to collectively bargain. It is important to keep talking about this. This is illegal in North Carolina but someday we may be able to change the law. Also ALEC is able to get more states to pass so called Right to Work legislation. (The south has had this for a long time.) Basically what it does is it lets non union members sponge off the work of the union members who worked hard to negotiate benefits for all the employees.

This Week in Orange Politics: September 7-13

Nearing the end of the summer break and after the long Labor Day holiday weekend, only a couple of local governing boards will meet this week. Both the county commissioners and the Carrboro Board of Alderpersons will hold work sessions.

Greenways for the 21st Century

This commentary, written my fellow OP editor Travis Crayton and myself, originally appeared in the Chapel Hill News on September 6, 2015.



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