Chapel Hill and Carrboro...not the same?

No they are not. That is what one developer is learning as a plan for a 164 unit apartment complex is planned on property which lies in the jurisdiction of both municipalities. This development (Merrit Mill Apartments) not only raises the issue of properties lying in two jurisdictions but also larger issues of how interconnected development between the city and the town is. Issues like how will traffic get in and out of the development? How important is it that we created connectivity for the Lloyd Street neighborhood? While they are two separate entities, the development of Chapel Hill and Carrboro is closely joined by more than just proximity. While trying to create more connected and denser communities how should Chapel Hill and Carrboro work together over that thin line which is called the town line?


Back in September as part of the discussion about the parking lot going in where Cam Hill's house used to be, I wrote:

"It's going to get even worse when/if the Merritt Mill apartments are built on across the street on the Carrboro side. Carrboro governs one side of the road, DOT maintains the road, University owns the big corner, and Chapel Hill governs the other side of the road. None of these entities have to talk to each other–and can make decisions in isolation. I hope someone (soon) proposes a mechanism for joint decision making."

There was supposed to be a joint staff meeting about the traffic issue and this new development, but I don't know if it occurred. I haven't seen anything on the council agenda for either Carrboro or Chapel Hill about joint planning since September.

Anyone who has ever paid property taxes in both jurisdictions KNOWS they are not the same.


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