Elections 2018

Primary elections were held on May 8, 2018, for several county and legislative offices, including the Orange County Board of Commissioners, the Orange County Board of Educationsheriffregister of deeds, and NC Senate and House.

Orange County Board of Commissioners

For the Orange County Board of Commissioners, an at-large seat, a District 1 seat, and a District 2 seat are up for election.

  • Voters will elect 1 commissioner to a 4-year term for the at-large seat currently held by incumbent Barry Jacobs.
  • Voters will elect 1 commissioner to a 4-year term for the District 1 seat currently held by incumbent Mia Burroughs. Burroughs has announced that she will not run for reelection.
  • Voters will elect 1 commissioner to a 4-year team for the District 2 seat currently held by incumbent Earl McKee.

Orange County Board of Education

For the Orange County school board, 4 seats are up for election.

  • Voters will elect 4 board members to 4-year terms for the seats currently held by incumbents Tom CarrDonna CoffeyMichael Hood, and Brenda Stephens.

Other Races

The other positions up for election this year include NC Senate District 23 (incumbent Valerie Foushee), NC House District 50 (incumbent Graig Meyer), NC House District 56 (incumbent Verla Insko), register of deeds (incumbent Mark Chilton), clerk of superior court (incumbent Jamie Stanford), and sheriff (incumbent Charles Blackwood).


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