Elections 2005

Unlike the rest of OrangePolitics, the information provided on this part of the site is NON-PARTISAN. If your questions are not answered here, please visit the Board of Elections for Orange County or the State of North Carolina.

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The candidates

Chapel Hill - Carrboro School Board Chapel Hill Town Council Chapel Hill Mayor Carrboro Board of Aldermen Carrboro Mayor Hillsborough Town Board Hillsborough Mayor
3 seats 4 seats 1 seat 3 seats 1 seat 2 seats 1 seat
·Jean Hamilton ·Jeff Danner ·Lisa Stuckeyi ·Pam Hemmingeri ·Bill Thorpe ·Ed Harrisoni ·Jason Baker ·Laurin Easthom ·Mark Kleinschmidti ·Robin Cutson ·Will Raymond ·Kevin Foyi ·Kevin Wolff ·Catherine Devine ·David Marshall ·Jacquelyn Gisti ·John Herrerai ·Katrina Ryan ·Randee Haven- O'Donnell ·Alex Zaffron ·Mark Chilton ·Frances Dancyi ·Mike Geringi ·Paul Newton ·Joe Phelpsi ·Tom Stevens
The list is alphabetical by first name (just for a change). i = incumbent.

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Dates: Orange County Board of Elections has all official deadlines. You must have registered by October 14th to vote in this election. One-stop absentee voting was available from October 20th through November 4th. The election will be held on Tuesday, November 8th. Have questions or feedback about this page? Want to add a candidate URL? Comment here or contact us directly!

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