Citizen Journalism?

OrangePolitics is a great place to discuss local politics, but should we also be able to discuss/react to our local newspaper articles? Steve Outing at Poynter Online has an interesting article on Citizen Journalism, that identifies 11 ways in which conventional newspapers can open themselves up to interaction with the public. The Daily Tarheel has allowed comments all year and the feature is almost never used. Should the Chapel Hill Newspaper and the Herald-Sun open themselves up? Would we know more about our community if citizens had the opportunity to add to articles, correct errors, or simply comment?



Sounds like a good idea, yes.

Help me out here... was there an article recently in the CHN that we should have responded to?

There's a couple that I think are worth discussing. For example, today's Herald story on the Chapel Hill Town Council's approval of a 3.78% pay raise (as recommended by the Town Manager) for town employees. That's after Council talked about keeping the raise at 2.5-3%, rates similar to Carrboro, UNC and Orange County. The Budget Advisory Board recommended not giving raises this year.

Another Herald article (opinion) I would like to discuss is from yesterday's print version entitled Now's the Time to Handle School issues. I don't understand the financing issue (phasing in Option 2 rather than implementing it immediately) and using half the amount ($2 million) for the schools.


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