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I'm interested in having one or two interns help out on OrangePolitics during the elections this year. This would be a great opportunity for a young person to learn about grassroots politics, local government, and the trendy new world of political blogging! We can't offer money, but may be able to arrange academic credit.

Here's the job description:

Local Government Watcher, Civic Engagement Specialist, and/or Local Politics Blogger

OrangePolitics is an online community which exists to encourage residents of Orange County, NC to get involved in local government and civic activities by offering progressive perspectives on local and regional issues.


Must be registered to vote, preferably in Orange County!
Must be interested in politics or advocacy.
Must be articulate and able to write clearly.
Must be comfortable with online research and eager to learn about about new issues.
Blogging experience is a plus, but not required.

Position description

This internship is fairly flexible depending on the skills and interests of the applicant. The goal is to provide helpful information to the voters of Orange County to help them make good decisions when they go to the voting booth on November 8, 2005.

These races are for municipal and school board positions, and are non-partisan (ie: there's no primary), which means each candidate really stands on her own positions. This makes the job of sharing information all the more important, and interns will work to collect pertinent information about candidates and to share it on our website. Interns may also attend campaign events, and assist in communicating with the voting public, local political organizers, and local candidates and elected officials. has won numerous accolades since it's founding in September 2003, including The Independent Weekly's best Blog award in 2004 and 2005 (learn more at Interns will be supervised by the editor/founder of OrangePolitics who has extensive experience in local, state, and national nonprofits and political advocacy (learn more at

Interns may work from our home-based office or from any Internet-connected location of your choosing. Some evening work is required to attend campaign forums and other events.

Additional information
Position starts : 8/5/05
Hours : 2-10 hours/week
Openings available : 2
Salary : caffeinated beverages and occasional free lunch
Duration : This position will run until 11/15/05, or longer if desired.

To apply, please use the form at . Thanks!




Once classes start back in the fall I'll forward this along to the UNC Political Science department manager, Janet Ward, who forwards about every interesting opportunity on to the students in the major. I would think that someone ought to bite at a local political opportunity where at least some of the work can be done from the comfort of a dorm room, and the rest can be done by going to events any civicly minded local ought to be attending anyway.

Help also wanted here!

The League of Women voters, the Orange County Democratic Women and the Durham Dems have asked us to help them celebrate the anniversary of women's suffrage by participating in a 24 hour voter registration drive on August 26th.

We will be placing volunteers at locations throughout the county to register voters in honor of the suffragettes who suffered to secure the right to vote for all of us.

If you have an hour or two anytime that day or evening, please let me know. We'll be happy to schedule you in a place convenient for you. We especially need late night participants to work the late shift at Starbucks on Franklin and to man a station at UNC.


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