It's Carrboro!

The only word I have for this is AWESOME.Bill McCormick (a.k.a. Billy Sugarfix), who is a talented and funny musician, and Brian Risk (who slings code for Geneffects and slings beer for the Cat's Cradle) have written an ode to Carrboro, hip-hop style!Below is a sample of the lyrics. Read the whole thing (with hyperlinks) and download the song at Bill's Custom Serenade site.

With wide bike lanes: It's Carrboro!And whole wheat grains: It's Carrboro!Who's the best in show: It's Carrboro!Where you wanna go: It's Carrboro!Tylers and Acme and Spotted DogSo close together, G, you won't have to jogBeehive Hairdo next to Maple Viewgonna get my ink on down at Glenn's TattooEvery Fall it's got a mackin' music festIts the Paris of the Piedmont it's been confessedIt passed the test, it's passed the rest.Like Ron Jeremy Carrboro's been blessed!We're cookin' music so good the Cat's Cradle meowedShowin so much respect my sensei bowedWith public schools to make your momma proudC'mon Carrboro let's shout out loud!- It's Carrboro!

An excellent and fitting tribute to one of my favorite places on earth.




We've been playing this at home for about a week. It's an absolute scream. I think my favorite rhyme is:

"Shopping at the weave, the total is 20,
He don't pull out a Jackson- you know he's droppin' PLENTY!"

The shout-out to a nightclub or brand of car has been done many a time. Hyping a local currency? Now that's original.

Sung to "Green Acres."

Chapel Hill is the place to be.
Here's the best University.
Folks on Franklin like to be outside.
This b-ball town is filled with Baby Blue pride.

No! Carrboro is where I'd rather stay.
We're a bedroom town, hooray!
We have Bike Bantustans too.
Neighbor you're OK but we're one not number two.

Sports scores!
Mill stores!
Fan fare!
Who cares!

You are alright!
Together let's fight!

Krzyzewski you stay there!

Whipped up in 5 minutes, and it shows!

Yes indeed, Billy's and Brian's ode to Carrboro is a blast. We've got a copy in our CD player too.

Visitors to Carrboro Town Hall on Carrboro Day will hear it between acts all afternoon on May 7th.


I'm lovin' it!

I find the reference to Ron Jeremy offensive.

It wouldn't be in the true spirit of Carrboro if at least one of us didn't get offended at one part or another.

Who is Ron Jeremy?

I'm offended that Eric made us all go look up Ron Jeremy to see who he is/was so that we'd end up being offended.
I love "It's Carrboro" It's just right.

Now we know it's officially a Carrboro creed. It's not Carrboro if both people who voice their offense at it aren't actually from Chapel Hill. :)

I love that fat piggy Ron Jeremy.

I find it a little disturbing you all hold this song as some sort of defining moment in the life of Carrboro - just leave it be.

I saw Billy this evening walking across the street toward Carrboro town hall as if looking for a handout.

WTF is that supposed to mean, John?

OK... I just heard the song...


I find all the trolls on OP that act as devils advocates offensive. Please just stop picking fights. This is a happy fun post celebrating how great our community is. (or our neighbors community) Why is it that some people find fault and fight over and over and over again? Sad. :(

Carrboro sound's nice,
Makes you think twice,
About going there,
To where it's going on,
But I'm going back to Oakland,
That's where I grew up at,
On some street's they got the gat,
That should stop in the beautiful town,
From the hill's to the street's,
And down to the ground,
The sound's of bullet's ring's out to much,
What's wrong with those who do that,
Can't they keep in touch,
Let's keep the street's clean,
Like a monster machine,
Then someday I may visit Carrboro,
But not today or even tomorrow.

Anybody got a quarter?

Paris of the Piedmont,
Not garish of the greedmont,
No, that would be our neigbors to the east,
Our mayor is no Quimby,
And while there is some 'NIMBY',
We have the best intentions? Good, at least.

It's Carrboro! video shoot calls for extras on Sunday, April 16 from 9 to 11 AM. Location = Weaver Street between Greensboro and Main (closed for the occasion).

No dress code, kids welcome, please don't bring dogs. Best to arrive close to 9:00 for director's greeting.

I am SO there!

It'll be a blast. We asked the Carrboro police chief for permission to gather on Weaver Street without disrupting traffic, and she wrote back saying the cops are all playing the song and they have some ideas. Then Captain Booker called to say they're gonna close the street because "this is a great thing for Carrboro." His actual words.

The video shoot is postponed. Street closing involves an application and public hearing. Stand by for further instructions.

Dang! I invited all my biker (aka motorcycle, the pedals are for brakes and shifting, not motive power- you can tell the difference by the sound if nothing else) friends to come and watch. Please let us know when it is re-scheduled so we can show up to watch!


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