2006 Primary Maps: County Commissioners

These maps of the race for county commissioner are based on the unofficial results from the Orange County Board of Elections (May 2, 2006).

[Scroll down or widen your browser if you don't see the maps. -Ed.]

Individual candidate maps are available here. They include charts that show the five best and five worst precincts for each candidate. I'm sure someone will have something insightful to say about all of this. Direct links are as follows:



Wow! Fantastic job Damon. Could you give us the technical background on how you made the maps? I'd like to do a similar analysis with a variety of inputs.

The Jacobs map is impressive in that it shows what a good job Barry does balancing special interests.

Very nice work.

Yes, I was also impressed how strong Barry ran in all areas. He won 11 of the 12 precincts here in northern Orange.

It is always heartening to me when superior public service is noted by the voters.

Will -- I created the maps pretty much manually in a boredom-fueled all-nighter. If you're looking to do something more extensive, I think it would be better to download the "Voter Precinct" data from the NC General Assembly's geographic data Web site (direct link to ZIP file here), and then use either a mapping application (eg, ArcGIS) or SAS to integrate the geographic data with your voter data or other inputs. I've seen this in action in SAS thanks to a friend who's smarter than I am (thanks, Brad!). There are hours and hours of amateur mapmaking fun to be had.

This is really impressive / interesting Damon. Makes me want to bone-up on GIS skills.

Is it saying, "this candidate got this % of the vote in this precinct"? Meaning if I add up all the percentages for all the candidates in one pricinct I will get 100%?


John A -- Yes, that's right. For example, in the Town Hall precinct, Nelson received about 28% of the votes, Jacobs received 23%, Gordon received 22%, and so on, for a total of 100%.


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