UNC's perimeter plans

As a part of their application for a third modification to their Development Plan, UNC is holding a meeting to focus on "perimeter transition areas" (areas where campus development has a greater impact on neighbors). The meeting is today at 5:30 at the UNC Law School, room #5046.

We were shown a flyer for this meeting at the last Chapel Hill Planning Board meeting, but I can't find any information online about it. You don't have to be a UNC neighbor to attend.

Click the map below for a big version.

This graphic is from http://www.unc.edu/community/concept_plan.html



Thanks, Ethan. Duly corrected.

Perimeter and modification are spelled incorrectly, above.

Will, I did not attend as I had to be at the Town Counil meeting tonight, but two other Planning Board members agreed to attend and will report back at our next meeting (11/8/06).

Just to add to your post - to build on what we learned in Madison, we scheduled this meeting to focus on the three projects in the perimeter transition areas - an addition to the Law School, improvements to Boshamer Stadium and a new facility for the Grounds department just east of their current location.

The neighbors who came and a representative from the Planning Board were particularly focused on the need for pedestrian improvements in the area, including sidewalks on Ridge Road.

I don't have my notes in front of me, but overall I would say there were some specific concerns that it was useful to hear early but there was also some excitement and support for the new projects, particuarly the improvements to Boshamer.

You can see a summary of each of the DP projects by going to www.unc.edu/community, click on Development Plan update, and then click on DP Public Meeting flier for a 4-page pdf.

As usual, I am always happy to receive comments from folks about our campus planning.

Thanks Ruby. Wish I could go. Do you plan to attend?


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