Bolin Creek Greenway

Disclaimer: I'm married to one of the Town employees who has been doing the work mentioned here.


Regular users of the Bolin Creek Greenway will have noticed that a lot of tree work and clearing of invasive species (such as privet) has been done lately along the trail and in the woods. The tree work has been for removal or felling of dead, dying, or heavily damaged trees, many of which have been left to decay naturally in the woods.

At least one councilman has expressed severe reservations about the work, calling it senseless, indiscriminate, and a mis-step.


As a long-time user of Bolin Creek, I have called the Public Works many times about dangerous or downed trees, including one that was completely across the entire path one moning. During the past several years, I've been watching for any work at all being done along the trail, and this is the first time any sort of preventitive maintenance has been done on any scale. I'm going to send in an email to Roger Stancil today to express my delight in this work, and how nice it is to see preventative maintenance being done (for a change).


I'd like to urge any other fans of Bolin Creek to decide for themselves if the work being done there is senseless or helpful, and to write to the Council and/or the Parks and Rec director or Roger Stancil and express their opinion.




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