On my way home from work on Damascus Church rd, a rather large black lab-looking dog was chasing two little girls. The girls said that he wasn't their dog, and another lady said he came from the woods around the church.

I put him (I assume it is a him) in my car and took him over to the animal shelter. He had no microchip, no tags, but he did have a collar. He was a bit smelly, so I do not know if he has been lost for a while.

He was extremely sweet, friendly, and obedient. I hated to turn him into the shelter, but it was 6pm on Tuesday, and I couldn't take him home with me.

The shelter is closed on Wednesdays, but you can call Falconbridge Animal Hospital (on 54-919-403-5591)and ask them to contact Dr. Sheppard who works at the Orange County Animal Shelter on MLK BLVD.

If someone can take him to foster him or adopt him, PLEASE contact the shelter and ask for Tom or Melanie. He will probably be put down in about a month if he is not claimed or adopted.

Again, he is rather large, very friendly, looked like a black lab with a bit of white scruff under his chin.

I didn't have time to search for an owner, didn't see anyone, and he was nearly hit by a car, so I felt like I had to at least get him shelter for the night.

The Orange County Animal Shelter's number is 919-967-7383

Feel free to email me for more information, and PLEASE somebody open your heart and homes to this furry friend. He is so sweet!




You might want to post this to the Chatham Chat list, given where you found the dog. Good luck!

Thanks for putting it on the frong page. what is the Chatham County List?


You can also post free classifieds at http://raleigh.craigslist.com

“Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other's welfare, social justice can never be attained.” Helen Keller
Oh thank goodness. LMT, you did everything right by that poor lost dog, including the tempting description!

Thank you, Ms. DeVine!

I want to thank you for caring and DOING SOMETHING!  I'm glad this fellow was reunited with his owners.


Domestic Animals (all animals really but especially domestic animals) are helpless creatures. It is a moral obligation to help a stranded animal pending there is no danger of getting attacked--and even then one has the moral obligation to at least call Animal Control. Thank you for your compliment. IT definitely made my day to have found the owner. Pay it forward!


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