Commissioners and Planning Board discuss draft Comprehensive Plan

This Tuesday, June 10, the County Commissioners will hold a work session with the planning board to discuss the proposed comprehensive plan update. Although the plan has been under development since October 2006, the work session will be the first public meeting at which the commissioners will scrutinize the plan. The work session begins at 7:30pm and will be held at the Link Government Services Center, 200 S. Cameron St., Hillsborough.

After their public hearing last month, the commissioners decided to schedule the work session because they recognized the need to closely examine the proposal --- which runs nealy 300 pages excluding the appendices -- before they referred it to the county planning board for their recommendation.

The planning board has carried a tremendous workload recently. Besides guiding the development of the comprehensive plan the past 21 months, they’ve been poring over the Buckhorn Village development proposal recently. The planning board’s recommendation on both the Comprehensive Plan and Buckhorn Village are expected this fall.

County residents and other stakeholders concerned about the county’s future should find the commissioner’s comp plan work session quite informative. Better yet, the planning board and commissioners would be well-served by critical comments from county residents and other stakeholders alike on the comprehensive plan update.

Comments may be sent to the county planning department at this email address. For more information see the county's comp plan website and the website of the Orange County Comprehensive Plan Coalition.



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