OP's 5th birthday

It's today!  Happy anniversary to all of you who make this community kick ass!

I've been too busy to organize a party, but you are are owed one. How does Wednesday, October 15th sound?

I'm also going to kick off another annual fund raising drive. This one is for 1 year's worth of hosting costs. Last fall you all raised $1,000 to help move the site from WordPress to Drupal. I think it was definitely worthwhile, as we are now reaping the benefits of a more powerful community platform. The new software uses a new host and that costs me $35 each month. 

The slow, gradual fundraising appeal hasn't been very successful here, so I'm going to try aking for the lump sum this time.  $420 is the cost of hosting the site for a full year, I hope you'll chip in if you can.




Hi Ruby,

The 15th would be OK except there is a Town Council meeting that night and there is going to be an important discussion that evening (and continued on to the 20th, if necessary) on how to proceed on with developing Carolina North. I can fill in some details later (in another blog, perhaps) but the Council heard the pros and cons (for instance, development agreements can be no longer than 2o years) of using a development agreement at their meeting on Thursday night held in the Friday Center.

I would think a lot of folks might want to be watching the TC meeting on the 15th. I don't know where in the Agenda that discussion will be.

Congratulations! Keep up the good work, this is now our only connection with Chapel Hill/Carrboro politics from our vantage point up north!


Bharat and Soumya

I guess that means I'll never forget the date.  Some might say that, being a Libra that OP needs to be more politically 'balanced'  I say  NAAAHHHHH! :-)

John Rees

You are also share a birthday with the Mayor of Carrboro, who I think turned 38 yesterday. And it is now the anniversary of my good friend who got married yesterday :-)
Being a Libra means you have trouble making decisions -- weight options, pros & cons, etc.  Watching my Libra sister study a restaurant menu is almost hilarious. 
I noticed that Ruby's request for assistance in funding the operations of OP hasn't met with much success. I hope that others feel the same as I do that OP is a source of news, a source of gauging various political viewpoints, a place to vent, a place to clear the air on various issues important to us all. It really is inappropriate to expect Ruby to bear the costs of this forum. I hope many (all) of the regular posters on this site feel the same way I do and will help support the site with a donation. Hey, it's only the cost of a few lattes (or whatever).

I only just finished asking for money for the Ann Arbor trip, so I can understand if folks feel tapped out right now. I plan to leave this fundraiser up for a while since it represents a whole year's hosting costs.

Thanks for your support, George!


Please contact me using the e-mail address associated with my account. I should be able to help you reduce your hosting costs to zero.

I selected Advantage Labs for OP hosting earlier this year specifically because they offer managed Drupal installs while allowing customers to use their own themes and modules.  They have also helped with things like importing all of the old content into the new site. 

They are progressive activists and Drupal experts.  Unless you provide these kinds of service, I'm going to stick with them. But thanks for the offer!

Didn't realize you needed ongoing technical support. I can offer you a LAMP sandbox, which means you could certainly have a Drupal instance with whatever features you wanted. Just an offer -- feel free to contact me if you're ever exploring options. Best, Jeff

As you have probably guessed, my idea for a happy hour tomorrow has not panned out. I'm going to be out of town for work from October 18th to 26th, so we may just have to push this party back to after the election.

Sorry for the delay/procrastination. It's so hard to find a date that works for everyone!

Does anyone have plans for the day after the election? Maybe we can get some of the candidates to come and celebrate their victories at OP happy hour.

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