Time to Support OP

Hey all you OP posters,

Unless Ruby hasn't updated the chart, the contributions for helping her support this site have dried up more than our water supplies did last year.  With what might be a very interesting election season coming up and with some critical issues facing the towns and county (growth, density, taxes, transfer station siting) I expect that this site will become very busy and a popular spot for some very interesting (heated?) discussions.  For all those who enjoy posting here (and even the lurkers), if you value this site you should realize that it is unfair to expect Ruby to bear the financial burden of keeping it going.  If you haven't yet contributed (there is usually a link at the bottom of the pages) please consider doing so today.  I'm sure Ruby will appreciate it and we can all continue to enjoy the site knowing that we pitched in to help.  Thanks.



I'll also note that the fundraising total shown on the bottom of each page is for last year's hosting costs ($420/year), and I haven't even started asking for support for this year. The cost is a bit high because I use a host that maintains the software (drupal) for me and keeps it up to date which can be a big pain.I also appreciate people who contribute to the site by posting their own thoughts here, and by telling their friends to check out what all the smarties at OrangePolitics are saying. ;-)


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