Indy endorsements 2010

As usual, there's some good in the Independent Weekly's endorsements, and some bad, and... oh hey, there's a judicial race this year?  Wow, thanks for the heads up, Indy.

They recommend Renee Price for Commissioner District 2, and Barry Jacobs for the At-large district. I'm sure some of you readers will respectfully disagree and prefer Joal Broun, but I think she's fine where she is and I'd would rather see Barry continue his good work on the Board of County Commissioners.

The surprise for me was that they chose to endorse 28-year incumbent Lindy Pendergrass for Sheriff rather than former Hillsborough Police Chief Clarence Birkhead. There is no doubt that Pendergrass has served us well (for longer than some voters have been alive), but Birkhead seems more in line with Orange County values today.

For Orange County School Board, they picked Debbie Piscitelli, Anne Medenblik, Donna Dean Coffey, Laura Nicholson. But they didn't offer much explanation for not endorsing Brenda Stephens, I thought.

Here's the Indy's entire slate:

U.S. Senate

Ken Lewis (D)

No Republican endorsement

U.S. House

District 4: William "B.J." Lawson

No Democratic primary

Judicial races (nonpartisan)

N.C. Court of Appeals (Calabria seat): Jane Gray

N.C. Court of Appeals (Elmore seat): Leto Copeley

N.C. State Senate

District 23: No Republican endorsement

Orange County Sheriff

Lindy Pendergrass (D)

Orange County Commissioners

District 2: Renee Price

At-large: Barry Jacobs

Orange County Board of Education (nonpartisan)

Debbie PiscitelliAnne MedenblikDonna Dean CoffeyLaura Nicholson (vote for four) 



They look to have a pretty pro-incumbent stance overall this time around. Lawson is anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, anti-federal funding for education or for research in the research triangle, which is basically the whole district he is running in, and I'd be willing to bet he's against the new train infrastructure funds NC was awarded as well. And since he lost Orange County last time in particular on the order of 71.57%to 28.43% I don't think he'll be winning this general election.  Not to mention Lawson will be doing a Tea Party rally this weekend.  Here are my picks:

I'm unsure that this sort of behavior qualifies as "Orange County values" also disagree that the current Sheriff  has been doing so great a job in recent years.  I have first-hand experience that County ordinances are simply unenforced ... against certain people.  I've been told, in no uncertain terms, that the Sheriff's Deprtment simply will not act on my written complaints nor comply with existing statutes having to do with noise and public nuisance.  And, that I should stop calling.

But they didn't offer much explanation for not endorsing Brenda Stephens, I thought.

They were probably afraid to after totally botching their stated reasoning in the 2007 chccs race.  


While there have been plenty of Indy endorsements I've disagreed with (including the one Mark highlights), I don't think I've ever seen a slate that I'll use as exactly who NOT to vote for as much as this one.  Of course, I know nothing about the judges, so perhaps that is unfair to them.  But what a horrible list otherwise. My specific (strongest) objections --  1) Ken Lewis can't beat Richard Burr. That's my #1 priority this year.  Elaine Marshall has proven she can win across this state and is ready to fight for this election.  Why throw away a vote for Lewis?2) Pendergrass needs to go.  I strongly object to his statements in forums that "we don't have checkpoints (for illegal immigrants) now".  That completely ignores the ones they have had in the past and does nothing to make me feel that his future direction will be in line with OC values on this issue.  Sure, he's put in a good 28 years, but I don't see him moving us forward in the right direction.  

I think that it's pretty hard to "throw away" a vote in a primary, especially this one: whoever wins will be a good candidate.Ken Lewis shares my values, he knows North Carolina from the bottom up and he knows the working of the business world - including non-profits - from the bottom up.I've stopped trying to base my primary votes on what I think other voters will want: this is precisely the time to vote with my heart.

While I am voting for Marshall, I would enthusiatically support any of the three major candidates and I think all would do us proud. I also think any of the three could win this primary.     

I certainly will vote for any of the democratic candidates over Burr and perhaps even campaign for some of them (Cal is doubtful -- he's just too slick to get me excited).   But Paul the question is not who can win the primary.  The question is who can beat Burr.  I simply do not believe that Ken Lewis can do that, therefore votes for him in the primary are hurting our chances of winning this seat in Nov (when it counts).

Anyone have a clue *why* the Indy endorsed Pendergrass? It's perplexing.

Yes, you don't fix what is not broken.Did you read the story and blog concerning Brikhead leadership and judgement of the Hillsborough Police Dept. concerning the accredition process?

Renee Price (Dist 2) needs a GPS if she goes to the rural Orange County.

What an obnoxious thing to say. I assume you have no substantive, policy-based reason to oppose her if this is all you can come up with.

She knows nothing about rural Orange issues just like many of those living in town.  When Orange County Voice post the candidate's answers to the survey you will see some weak responses to the questions.  Her economic development answer is just like the ones given for the past 20 years and what do we have to show for it? Frankly she would be better suited for a town position, that has been her focus area.


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