Carrboro/Downtown Chapel Hill Light Rail Connections to the Region

Carrboro (and West Franklin Street in Chapel Hill) are arguably the most mass transit friendly developments in the entire region, if not the entire state.  And yet direct bus and rail connections have yet to be established connecting these dense centers of work, entertainment, and population to the rest of the Triangle.  Furthermore, Carrboro rail and bus discussions have been markedly/noticeably absent from the most recent regional planning processes. 

As a consequence, Connect Carrboro, a group of local advocates for better connection between Carrboro and the rest of the Triangle via public transit, is encouraging everyone to attend a very important public meeting held by Triangle Transit on Thursday, July 7 at Chapel Hill Town Hall.  We're hoping to get at least 50 folks to confirm that they will attend and talk to the TTA folks about their own reasons for including this part of the Triangle in the upcoming rail/bus study.  We've developed an evite for anyone wishing to attend.  Please follow the link, sign up, and send to others you think would be interested.

If you believe that Carrboro would benefit from being better connected through the future rail line/bus rapid transit lines, please consider going to the meeting or submitting your comments online at


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