Lawson Push Polling in NC-4

I was push-polled by Edge polling on behalf of the Lawson campaign or some other Republican PAC this evening.  The questions were reasonably straightforward for the first 5-7 minutes, then got more paranoid about illegal immigration and whether or not the country had abandoned the Constitution.  It closed with something like, "David Price, a college professor and your current representative, is an 11-term incumbent who supports Barack Obama's takeover and bailouts for companies that are too big to fail, and votes with Nancy Pelosi more than any other member of Congress.  If this makes you more likely to vote for him, press 1.  If it makes you less likely, press 2."

Final question, same button choices:

 "BJ Lawson is a father, a medical doctor, and a successful small businessman who is reported to have strong grassroots support who will lower taxes and restore the Constitution blah blah blah..."

 The most interesting question was about whether or not I supported Federal regulations that may add burdens to local and small farmers who sell at Farmer's Markets.  Perhaps Lawson is trying this out as a wedge issue against Price?

 Anyone else get called?




FTC has banned faking caller IDs on calls as of July 1, 2010.  The push polling call had a fake Caller ID.  The call also refused to free the line when I hung up on them, a FCC violation.  Always great when the "law and order" candidates don't think laws apply to them and their friends.

The following individuals were scheduled to speak today at the Restore the Constitution/Open Carry Rally in Greensboro, North Carolina.

  1. Mike Vanderboegh (Alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters)
  2. Daniel Almond (Organizer of the Original Restore The Constitution rally)
  3. Taylor Ruble  (from NC Rangers)
  4. John Ainsworth  (Civil War and Constitutional historian)
  5. Ron Woodard  (NC Listen)
  6. David DeGerolamo (Founder of NC Freedom)
  7. Bubba from the blog “What Bubba Knows
  8. Laura Long from “Triangle Conservative Unite
  9. Dr Dan (from the mountains in NC and has his own TV show)
  10. Dr B. J.  Lawson (running for Congress)
  11. Rick Smith (A Marine running for NC State House)
  12. Bill Randall  (running for Congress)
  13. June Griffin (running for Governor of Tennessee)
  14. Dr. Ada Fisher (National Spokeswomen for Conservative Republican Party)
  15. Peter Courtenay Stephens  (speaker at 4-19 rally)

Read more about the Rally at the official site at: 

It would be cool to have a rally like that at the Carrboro Farmer's market, too.

Has anyone seen the bill (Food Safety) in the US Senate (S 510) that is due for a vote sometime this fall that will affect farmers? I think this is some of Lawson's concern.

I used to like Lawson, but he's strayed away from his pro-local government and business positions (i.e. small-scale community-based  stuff, like the Plenty) and now just yaps about typical right-wing scare-mongering topics like illegal immigration, how the rich are getting screwed if they don't get their tax breaks, etc., etc. He even blamed his not being elected last time when he ran against Price on early voting (recent Daily Tar Heel article)!Oh well, I'm glad he showed his true colors  before he tricked any of us into voting for him.

Lawson apparently had an internal poll that shows him in the lead: Also just thought I'd share this:

"B.J. Lawson is a strong Republican, defender of constitutional and conservative values, and will be a great advocate for the 4th District. North Carolina would do well to help our country, and our state, by electing Dr. B.J. Lawson this November."

I thought he was running on not being  such a strong republican?  I also saw he won Virginia Foxx's endorsement, a champion of social conservatism.


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