Ice ice baby

So the 2-3 inches of snow never materialized, but we got just enough ice to slow things to a halt and shut down the schools.

This isn't the kind of snow day where there's much fun to be had outside. What are y'all making of it?
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These are the days where work-from-home is more of a curse than the blessing it usually is.  Not only do we have to sit and just look at the pretty stuff outside, but the kids are running around the house while I'm on the phone....  At least the previous snow was on a Sunday so we had a great family movie day.

I'm at the office, so you can all just F off.

Dude, I wish I was a the office! Try being cooped up with a kid that can't go outside, and can't even entertain himself!  No board games, no movies, just bouncing off the walls.


Fair enough, at least I get to come home to a tranquil apartment tonight.

working on a grant and listening to WCHL's good coverage. Cancelled my visit out to Warren County for one of my studies and WAS looking forward to actually making it to the YMCA for a workout this evening, but they just tweeted that they are going to be closed all day. Probably a good idea, but I am disappointed.

driving to Raleigh only to find out that that they canceled the class I was going to between the time I left, and the time I got there.No matter though, I've just completed my comprehensive exams for my masters program, so its hard to dampen my mood atm.


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