Lots of openings on Orange County advisory boards

Info from the county below. Put your money where your mouths are, people!

Release Date: August 8, 2011
Contact:  Donna Baker, Clerk to the Board of Orange County Commissioners, 919-245-2130

Orange County Seeks Applicants for Boards and Commissions

ORANGE COUNTY, NC – One major way citizens can have a positive impact on the future of Orange County is to volunteer to serve on the various County advisory boards and commissions.

The Orange County Board of Commissioners is recruiting citizen volunteers for the following advisory boards. 


  • Adult Care Home Community Advisory Comm.        Three (3) At-Large Vacancies
  • Advisory Board on Aging                                           Two (2) At-Large Vacancies
  • Affordable Housing Advisory Board                          Four (4) At-Large Vacancies
  • Animal Services Advisory Board                                Three (3) Vacancies: One (1) Town of Hillsborough and Two (2) Animal Advocacy
  • Arts Commission                                                        Four (4) At- Large Vacancies
  • Carrboro Board of Adjustment                                  One (1)  County Appointee ETJ
  • Carrboro Northern Transition Area Adv. Comm.      Two (2) Northern Transition Area Vacancies
  • Carrboro Recreation and Parks Commission            Two (2) County Appointees
  • Commission for the Environment                              Two (2) At- Large Vacancies
  • Human Relations Commission                                   Nine (9) Vacancies:  Six (6) At- Large, One (1) Town of Chapel Hill,  and Two (2) Town of Hillsborough
  • Joint Orange Chatham Community Action Agency            One (1)  County Appointee
  • Mebane Board of Adjustment                                   One (1) Mebane (Orange County) ETA Vacancy
  • Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee      Three (3) Nursing Home Admin. Vacancies
  • Orange County Board of Adjustment                        One (1) Orange County Vacancy
  • Orange County Parks and Recreation Council          Three (3) Vacancies: One (1) Chapel Hill Township, One (1) Little River Township, and One (1) Hillsborough Township
  • Orange Unified Transportation Board                      Two vacancies:  One (1) Cheeks, and One (1) Little River township.
  • Solid Waste Advisory Board                                       One (1) Vacancy: At Large


Please visit the Orange County Web Site at http://www.co.orange.nc.us/boards to see a complete list of Advisory Boards and vacancies.  You may complete an application online or download an application. 

For additional information, contact the office of the Clerk to the Board, Jeanette Jones at (919) 245-2125, (jjones@co.orange.nc.us) or Donna Baker at 245-2130, (dbaker@co.orange.nc.us) .

With over 30 different boards and commissions, volunteers appointed by the Board of County Commissioners have an opportunity to influence the way of life in Orange County.



David Hunt
Deputy Clerk/ Information Specialist
Orange County, NC



There are also a number of vacancies for Orange County residents on Chapel Hill’s advisory boards.For example, we are currently in need of applicants for the following seats:

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board:  1 Orange County Resident who lives outside of Chapel Hill and   1 Carrboro Resident

Board of Adjustment:  1 Orange County Resident - ETJ and 1 County Alternate - ETJ or JPA

Parks & Recreation Commission: 1 Orange County Resident

Planning Board: 1 Orange County JPA

For more information about these boards, including how to apply, please visit http://www.townofchapelhill.org/index.aspx?page=122  or contact Jennifer Phillips, Community Participation Coordinator, at 969-5014 or by email at jphillips@townofchapelhill.org .



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