Tell Flyleaf Books to Cancel Pro-Fracking Event on Dec 7th: Protect Our Water!

Urgent Action Needed! Pro Fracking PR Hack Descends Upon Chapel Hill: Tell Flyleaf Books to Cancel Event Immediately! (Please Forward Widely)

As advertised by UNC’s Humanities in Action program, they plan to bring the president of an oil and gas company that makes money off of hydraulic fracturing to speak in support of this dangerous natural gas extraction practice at a local independent bookstore called Flyleaf Books. There will be no one present to tell the other side of the story: that fracking has caused major disasters all over the country from well explosions, to methane leached in to water aquifers, poisoned families, carcinogens and hundreds of toxins leached into our rivers. The event is scheduled for December 7th from 3:30-5 p.m. and tickets cost $20.

Let’s stop this corporate charade – Tell Flyleaf Books to cancel this event! Our water and environment are more important than corporate profits! Quotes from their flyer: “We live in a society that cannot function in its present state without access to copious amounts of fossil fuels. How can we extract these resources …? What is the science behind oil and gas extraction? Where are the deposits and how can we get them? Dr. Carl Trowell, President of WesternGeco, the geophysical services division of Schlumberger, will be on hand to explain oil and gas exploration and drilling from the perspective of those who do it.”

Say no to corporate greed and defend our water supply by contacting Flyleaf books now at (919) 942-7373 located at 752 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. And e-mail, too at It is time to say no to dirty energy!  Thousands of residents in our state use wells for their drinking water, we're all depending on you to speak out against this.  The Oil Company making money off of poisoining people's well water

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Frack Accidents:



anyone and everyone has a right to assemble and speak. Don't know if Flyleaf is doing this because they have a position on fracking or because they want to promote discussion, nor do I know why they are charging $20, but they have a right to do it. Let's not squash speech, even when we disagree with it.

After about 5 minutes on the internet, it's clear that this talk is one in a series about current issues, sponsored by the UNC group and all held at Flyleaf Books. Other topics have included health care, nationalism and climate change. From their website:

Humanities in Action program is our homage to the tradition of civic
humanism. Renaissance civic humanists believed that knowledge could
forge a moral community. Humanities in Action events honor this
tradition by encouraging our audience to apply what they learn to their
civic life. Come engage with contemporary and potentially controversial
topics in a welcoming environment.

Do you think Flyleaf should remove books that are pro-fracking from their stock? Maybe universities shouldn't teach geology majors how to do it? 


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