former Carrboro Alderman Nancy White died last week

former Carrboro Alderman Nancy White died last Monday at age 89. She served on the Carrboro town board in the '70s, from her obit:
"She became active in local politics as a member of the Carrboro Community Coalition, and was a lifelong Yellow Dog Democrat. In the mid to late '70s Nancy served on the Carrboro Board of Aldermen. She was active in several important initiatives, including getting students to vote in Carrboro; adding Carrboro coverage to the Chapel Hill Transit system; adding bike lanes in Carrboro; beautification of downtown with trees and flower beds; creation of the Carrboro Community Park (now Hank Anderson III Community Park) on Highway 54 west, just west of Carrboro Plaza; and creation of Wilson Park off North Greensboro Street."

and my favorite part of the obit
"Nancy was a lifelong Tar Heels fan, and among her last words was a faint "Go Heels!" during the recent Dook-Carolina football game."
Yes, the obit spelled it "Dook"


I'm pretty sure Nancy served from '75 to '79 at least


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