Who wants to play guess what property will be taken over next?

There's only a small number of properties in Carrboro and Chapel Hill that make any sense as takeover targets, so it shouldn't be too hard to guess which one is up next.  As the incidident at the CVS site in Carrboro shows this small group isn't ready to give up, even after being subjected to the violence of ice cream and politely being asked to leave.

So, what's up next?  Greenbridge again?   





I really appreciate your articulate analysis of violence in our society. I would guess that these Anarchist villians will probably take over the old goofy golf on guess rd, or maybe a used car dealership between Chapel Hill and Durham. I think taking over abandoned property might not be enough for them. I just recently read their plans here. If you think that's bad they also put their 'flier' on the internet, that they were passing out about their 'carrboro commune'. Honestly, anything is possible, who knows what they'll do next.

I've read http://crimethinc.com before, and think its hiliarous that it has such a wide variety of merchandise available.  I guess the capitalist system is only evil when other people try to make a living.  

Hargraves Community Center, i.e. the community center within walking distance of both places they have occupied. They obviously don't realize that it's there since they keep demanding a community center.


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