Israel/Middle East Discussion Group


Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 8:00pm


Internationalist Books: 405 W Franklin St. Chapel Hill, NC 27516
With the growing public hype surrounding Iran and nukes, iBooks will start its first Israel/Middle East group to come together and start talking about the tensions/issues that face the Middle East (specifically on Israel, the Arab states, and Iran).
The framework: weekly (or bi-weekly) from the beginning of April to the middle of June. Starting with a “how to” to dialogue on the specific region in question focusing most on people’s understandings/experiences and for people to listen to them. Then continuing with discussions based on current affairs and historical texts, drawing on multimedia as ways to engage participants. It will be in dialogue form, with a neutral facilitator, focusing on people’s individual reactions/perspectives on the information presented as a way to drive discussion as opposed to us all learning about certain parts of the conflict.

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