Commissioners take Transit Votes Tuesday

Item 7c on the Orange Couny Commissioners agrenda for Tuesday 5/14 7 pm (Southern Human Services Center):

c. Orange County Transit Plan and Related Agreements

The Board will consider adoption of the Orange County Transit Plan and consider approval of the Durham/Orange Cost Share Agreement, the Orange County/Triangle Transit Implementing Agreement and the Do Not Levy Agreement and authorize the Chair to sign if approved.

42 pages of detail for you to peruse. If approved, then a public hearing and vote June 5 on the actual referendum call for November



I'm planning to attend this meeting, but may get there late. Is anyone else going? It would be great to have a strong showing for local and regional transit.  I think the primary clearly showed that at least the 2/3 of Orange County in district 1 wants to see a lot more leadership on issues like this. Here's a great oppotunity for the commissioners to show whether they heard us. 

I'm going to try to go, but I don't think I can.

NBC-17 television news reported that the Raleigh City Council had asked the Wake Commissioners to approve the draft transit plan and move toward a referendum. Chair Paul Coble, who last week finished third in a congressional primary, had these constructive comments: "Bless their hearts,” said Paul Coble, chair of the Wake County Commissioners.“When we see a plan that’s financially feasible, then we’ll start talking about it. I haven’t seen one yet. That’s a big piece that’s missing from this equation,” he said.“We have a lot of needs. There are a lot of things that we need to take care of that certainly take priority and precedence over something like a rail system that has not even been proven to be feasible yet,” he adds. Ed Harrison

Have started a thread on the just-released poll by Fallon Associates regarding attitudes of likely Orange and Wake County voters on a transit referendum. Hope that an editor will accept the submittal if that's needed.Ed Harrison

it's Tuesday May 15 not May 14


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