Election Protection voter education program TODAY--Sunday 3:00--University Mall

Join the Chapel Hill Justice in Action Committee, the UNC Center for Civil Rights, and UNC law students for a non-partisan presentation on voting rights. TODAY! (Sunday, Oct. 28) 3:00 pm University Mall Meeting room (across from the DMV office)

 The presentation is part of the UNC Center for Civil Rights' particpation in Election Protection, a national voter advocacy effort. In addition to today's voter education program, Center lawyers, law students, and other trained volunteers will staff the North Carolina Election Protection hotline on Election Day.  Voters anywhere in the state can call 1-866-OUR-VOTE or 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA with any questions about their rights and the voting process.  The hotline is open now for early voting, and will be live through the closing of the polls on Election Day.  In 2008, the hotline fielded over 1000 calls from NC voters. 

Election Protection is a national, non-partisan coailition working to ensure that every eligible voter is able to effectively exercise the right vote.  



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Sounds like great info. I can't make it today but I'll be working the hotline at the law school all day on the 6th


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