voter reg stays strong 12,879 since Jan 1, and 5,048 since Aug 1

With one week of regular voter registration left (ends Friday the 12th, a full business week for the Board of Elections plus Friday is just a postmark deadline for those mailing in their forms) plus the two week registration period at early voting, here are the new voter registration numbers for Orange, both since January 1 (also includes the Amendment One drives) and just this fall.


 8/1 to 10/5          1/1 to 10/5 
total5048 12879 



Total votes: 83


Voter registration forms (including address changes) had to be postmarked Friday. Tracey Reams at Orange BoE told me they got 5,000 forms in the mail Monday, so it will be a bit before they have any final stats.


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