Kinnaird, Ginsburg Get It Exactly Wrong on Retirements

That's the title of my op-ed in today's Raleigh News & Observer.

Your thoughts? 



Eric, I completely agree. Especially as someone who has defended the (municipal) appointment process time after time, even I feel that this is getting out of hand. Some resignations are unavoidable, but Ellie's seems timed specifically for the hand-selection of a successor. Unpleasant shades of Bill Strom, yuck. And if Rep. Foushee gets the appointment, it could trigger a whole series of appointments (through no fault of her own) if she gets replaced by a county commissioner, who might be replaced by a school board member, etc.The one silver lining is that by resigning, they take themselves out of a decision-making position, so at least Ellie does not in fact get to pick her own successor, as she has been wanting to do for so many years


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