Hey look, it's another survey! This one is about the Central West Focus Area, which is supposed to create a Small Area Plan.


There are so many things wrong with this survey it's hard to know where to start. The intro says the whole thing should take 5-10 minutes, but it asks users to evaluate 6 concepts, each of which is presented in a compressed and confusing way, and takes at least 5 minutes to understand. Then the survey simply asks for like/dislike/neutral and a comment. I may like half and hate half but that wonl't tell you if there's one I think is perfect.It would be much easier to have them all on one page so they can be compared to each other, and they NEED to have a way to expand the images because thumbnails are not really very descriptive. Given the number of times I have completed town surveys -especially in the past few years - and the very little return I tend to see on them, it is really hard to justify the time it takes to study and evaluate these concepts. Just more opinions for the Town to store in the old "circular file." 

There are so many good tools for gathering public input digitally out there, I wish we'd explore our options a little more. Here's one I particularly like. I have no particular knowledge of the project this one focuses on, nor the company that makes the tool, but it seems something like this might have gotten us better input for Central West.


We had over 450 unique responses from this survey for Central West.  The
Town Staff should be making the data results available online
tomorrow.  This information was received by the full committee tonight
at the meeting and looked at.  Important to note that this was about
double the amount of people that attended the Community Outreach session
last Tuesday at the church.

Jared, that's great that there were so many survey responses. But I had trouble making heads or tails out of the different maps, (and that's after a combined 12 years of looking at these things when I was on the Planning Board and the Transportation Board). They were extremely difficult to read on the screen, and impossible to compare. People would have to be pretty invested in the process already to have opinions about them, I think. Since I couldn't come to the open house, I still can't tell what meaningfully distinguishes one concept from the next.

http://chapelboro.com/news/development/central-west-stalled/The takeaway: 

The Central West Steering Committee has 12 days to present its plan to the Planning Board, and not a single item in the plan has a consensus agreement.

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