Election Day Open Thread

Let us know what you're seeing at the polls, chatter about the candidates, where the parties are toight, etc.

Our main question about today is: Low voter turnout, or lowest voter turnout? 




Really really quiet at dogwood acres and glenwood so far. I'll be at 411 tonight. -James (not sure how to log on from my phone)

I walked over to vote this morning around 8:30, and it was hard to find a parking spot, and there were about 5 people in line behind me waiting to vote.  It seemed light compared to a general election, but on par with what I've seen in previous off-years.

As of 700 I was number 9 at Scroggs Gary Kahn

Lucky voter 13 at 8:30-ish at OWASA, typically a low-turnout precinct. 

I volunteered for the
Democratic Party in Colonial Heights this morning and passed out voter guides.
Amy Ryan and Maria Palmer both came by to put up signs and leave literature,
and Paul Jones (Sally Green's husband) made an appearance as well. Mariam Thompson
was passing out literature for Maria to the folks coming to the polls, and we
chatted with Ruby and Izzy as they came to vote. Izzy seemed excited about the


It was nice to see y'all this morning. I was voter number 41 at Colonial Heights at about 8:15am. 

 Last night and early this morning I checked out all the
precincts. I saw two people biking to vote (both supporters). Margaret
biked to Aldergate (Kings Mill precinct) to vote. I talked to another
cyclist at Triangle Church (a durham/chapel hill precinct). Also seen
were several herds of deer. They did not vote but you should. Most places I visited had at least 30 voters by mid morning. Miriam Thompson was also passing out literature for me. (She is doing a great job helping the candidates helped by the NC AFL-CIO. There have been a few write yard signs for mayor at some precincts. See everyone at
Vimala's this evening.Loren

Two of my neighbors and I were the Cedar Falls lunch crowd. Voters 104, 105, 106.

Carrboro's newest business, Vinyl Perk, is offering 10% off any purchase to anyone who voted today. https://www.facebook.com/vinylperk

at about 150 voted @ around 45 minutes ago.  For a site that had over 500 voters 2 years ago it is definitely looking to be a record, or near record low turnout.  Of course, there is still 3 hours to go.


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