Safer Schools in Our County

Sending our children to public schools should not be something that causes a parent to get nervous.  I have a child of my own in Orange County public schools, so I know how it can feel.  The fact that so many fear for their child’s safety at school is unfortunate.  The good news is that there is something that we can do about it. 

Making sure that a well-trained School Resource Officer (SRO) is in every one of the county's schools should be a priority for all law enforcement agencies in the county, the sheriff's office included.  These officers are vitally important in stopping and investigating bullying, physical violence, narcotic activity, and responding to crisis situations should they occur.  We already have some great officers working in our schools.  They deserve our support and encouragement.  Maintaining a highly-trained officer in every school is a responsibility that should be a priority for the sheriff's office.  That being said, this would also be a great opportunity for inter-agency cooperation between the county sheriff and the municipal police departments throughout the county as well.  We all have a stake in our children's safety.  



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