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I recently filled out the INDY Candidate Questionnaire and I wanted to go ahead and start sharing my answers.  When they asked what I would do to build a just community in the Triangle, this is how I responded:

One of the main points in my campaign platform is based around quality of life issues, and another is to establish and maintain trust with the citizens of Orange County. What I mean by this point is that if elected sheriff, I will place more concentrated efforts on ensuring that all citizens of our county (specifically often neglected groups such as senior citizens, immigrant groups, racial and ethnic minorities, and the LGBTQ community) will have access to the resources they need and will be fully included.  When it comes to establishing and maintaining trust, I understand that with the authority of the position of Sheriff comes great responsibility – responsibility to do the right thing, not only for the county, but for the people who reside within it.

As someone with over two decades of law enforcement experience, I understand that there are certain people who are less likely to trust law enforcement. Some people have had bad experiences with law enforcement, some have heard of experiences that cause them to fear law enforcement, and some have simply never met a law enforcement officer in a non-threatening environment. I stand by my belief that everyone in the county should feel safe to call their sheriff’s office, and I will stand by my mission to ensure that above all else, this belief is communicated and demonstrated to our citizens.



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