A Progressive & Balanced Budget Plan

When the INDY asked me what were my thoughts on the budget of the Sheriff’s office, this is how I responded:

That the sheriff’s department is not as efficient and up-to-date technologically as it could be is one place where efficiency is compromised and money is wasted.  After the various reforms I intend to make within the administration and upgrades to the technology, we should see less money spent on various (often duplicated) administrative tasks. 

More money needs to be set aside for training and community outreach.  I believe that good training is the backbone of any quality law enforcement agency.  Money spent on training is not money wasted, but rather money invested in the betterment and increased safety of our county.  I would also want to put more money in community outreach initiatives.  This can include funds set aside for promoting a “no shame” policy regarding reporting sexual and domestic abuse (important due to underreporting in all groups, especially the LGBTQ community), setting aside more money for translators (not only Spanish, but also Burmese and Karen), and even entering into financial partnerships with local non-profits on programs and initiatives of mutual interest.  These things involve a re-prioritization of funds, not upping the cost for tax payers. 



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