Sample Ballots May Primary

Sample Ballots for the May Primary can be viewed at . Gary Kahn  



Orange will have 21 ballot styles, caused by a combination of three US Senate primaries (Democratic, Republican and Unaffiliated), a GOP State House primary, a Democratic district county commissioner primary, the nonpartisan Orange County school board election, and the Carrboro alderwhatever special election.For example Style 19 goes to unaffiliated voters who do not live in either Carrborot town limits or the Orange County school district and do not ask for a D, R, or L primary ballot, they get just the nonpartisan state supreme court primary.Browse awayORANGE-20140506-Style001-REP.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style002-REP.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style003-REP.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style004-REP.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style005-REP.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style006-REP.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style007-REP.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style008-REP.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style009-REP.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style010-DEM.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style011-DEM.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style012-DEM.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style013-DEM.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style014-DEM.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style015-DEM.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style016-LIB.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style017-LIB.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style018-LIB.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style019-NON.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style020-NON.pdfORANGE-20140506-Style021-NON.pdf

Do voters in Chapel Hill vote for Orange County Sheriff? 

Yes, everyone in Orange County votes for sheriff.

You must be a registered Democrat or Unafilliated Voter.  Those registered as Republican or Liberterian do not have that option.

Yes, thanks for clarifying. Only the Democrats are holding a primary for sheriff.


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