Occupy Chapel Hill GA - June 26

There will be a General Assembly of Occupy Chapel Hill, to be held on Thursday, June 26, beginning at 6.30pm, on the Peace and Justice Plaza, in front of the old Post Office, on Franklin Street. All are invited to attend.

Now, just getting a few things clear. There is no leadership of OCH per se. So, I am using this post initially to inform all-comers of a discussion that has been taking place on the OCH Listserv about what to do with some remaining funds in the possession of OCH. I pass on this information with no authority as such. Merely as someone who was and remains interested in the work and activities of OCH.

I have some views of my own on the GA next week. But I come to those later. And I stress they are my opinions alone. In the meantime, I think it is fair to say that the Listserv discussion has looked at a number of options with regards to the remaining funds. And out of that discussion arose a desire to formalize any decision with a GA. Along with thoughts about comparing notes on what's been going on these past two years. With one or two suggestions about a possible future.

Right, that's the formal, non-tendentious stuff. Now to some of my thoughts.

It's summer. It's hot. And sunny. What better time to hold an outdoor OCH GA? I mean, last time around, it was the depths of winter - for the most part.

For sure, we want to make the formal decision about funds. But we've moved a lot since 2012. Is there any kind of future for OCH and Occupy generally?

The furious activity of 2012 has abated. The encampments gone. We have, most of us, found new or old outlets for our advocacy. But did Occupy/OCH offer something different? Could it still?

Occupy is the 99%. That covers a lot of political viewpoints. What on earth could bind so many different opinions - in any kind of meaningful way, which did not allow one group to impose an agenda on other participants?

Well, dealing with the latter first, the answer is to ensure that all proceedings are conducted with strict adherence to principles of consensus - in both letter and spirit.

As to the former - what could bind us? I would say that all of those I saw engaged in OCH found common ground in our disappointment with soul-sucking, impersonal, money-and-me-is-all corporate capitalism. And our desire to explore community-based alternative economic and social activities.


There is no way a body encompassing the 99% is going to consense on a single agenda. And I think (being as non-controversial as possible) it was misplaced passion overcoming common sense that last time around made some think that was possible.

So. Why not consider a model where we each of us pursue our chosen agendas for alternative economic and social community models in our own groupings - be it Croatan Earth First, Carrboro Commune, the Democratic Party, Occupy Heatlh and Wellness, Solidarity Economy, Weaver Street Market Co-operative, wherever.

And then we have OCH as a clearinghouse for information and a discussion platform to compare notes and provide each other with support?

We don't need to meet twice a week. Maybe once a month would suffice. And then, in the course of our interactions, if there is a local, regional or national matter where we all, gently, voluntarily, above-board, find common cause, then, consensually, we can choose to work together in that regard.

Well. Those are my thoughts. And mine alone. Well, so far ...

Now again. GA of OCH next Thursday, June 26, 6.30pm, Peace and Justice Plaza, Chapel Hill. All are welcome. Come and meet old friends. Make new ones. Chat. Socialize. Politicize. Discuss. Laugh, weep, cry. Whatever you choose to do. That is the beauty of Occupy, after all. It is ours to design as we see fit. Consensually ...



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